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Thread: Ask A Moderator - Part 18

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    Guys, my post hasn't been answered yet!

    I can't seem to add co-authors to my story, which is called "The Hidden Truth". I tried it a lot, but it still doesn't work. Anyone knows why?

    Please tell me what the problem is, Mods.



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    Nadia, have you tried clearing cookies or any of the usual? Can you PM me with who the author is that you'd like to add and I'll see if I can possibly add it (though I'm not sure if that will work). Also, my apologies for your question being missed last time, sometimes we make mistakes and miss questions by accident.

    moonymaniac, I think it best you PM one of the Admins (RoxyBlack, Phoenix5225 and NikkiSue) as they will be able to help you more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicky
    Roughly how long should a chapter be? is there a point where it gets too long? I've written about 1600 words in the first chapter, but nothing has really happened, how long can i write before it gets stupid and really boring.
    Well, that's up to you really; after all, you write the story. You decide what's going to happen in a chapter and how long it should be.

    Technically, you need to have more than 800 words, and the archives goes haywire when you try to submit a chapter of 10,000 words and more. There are some authors that write such long chapters, and some of them reported technical problems from 9,500 words onwards, so you might want to stay below that or divide your chapter.
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    *sets up her own personal chair at the ask-a-mod desk*

    I think I need to ask someone familiar with PS rather than you guys, but I'm convinced that it's not my own error. I've been trying to upload avatars all morning and, even though in PS the dialog says that the file size is 11.7kb, when I open it here it says it's at 26/39kb.

    The reason I'm convinced is because I've never had a problem like this before, and I haven't done anything differently today. Is there a glitch or something? I'm just all out of ideas.


  5. 07-05-2009, 11:46 PM

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    I've been noticing an error in the favorites function on the archives. Everytime I try to add a new favorite offer, instead, the site always adds this Ben to my list instead. It doesn't matter which acount it is, it is always this same problem.

    Is this some sort of coding glitch?

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    I haven't logged into MNFF for a very long time and can't seem to remember my username or password. I think my username was Lunar_Goddess and I made a request for a new password, but it didn't work with my username, so I'm thinking my username is somehow wrong. Is there any way a mod could find my account using my email address?

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    Molly, I do not know the answer to your question. Hopefully Roxy sees this, as she is the go to gal for coding issues.

    [Edit by Roxy: I have no idea why it's doing that... I've never heard of it happening before and it's exceedingly strange that it should only happen to one person. The fact that it is only happening to you means it's unlikely to be a coding issue and more of an unusual glitch. I've tried locking this 'Ben's account, they don't seem to be particularly active. Let me know if it continues happening, and for now perhaps consider saving your favourite authors profiles to your browser's bookmarks/favourite pages. That way you can keep track of your authors while we try to get to the bottom of the problem.]

    Oh-so-lovely, you can PM myself, Roxy Black, or NikkiSue to look up your account.

    Nicole's Edit: Taken care of. :-)

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    Reusing Titles

    Two Questions:

    1. I have come up with the perfect title for my new fanfic, only to discover that it has already been used! Is it permitted to reuse titles?
    2. If a story is canon compliant with the whole entire series except for, let's say, one paragraph in the Epilogue, is it still AU? Could I just put an "Epilogue? What Epilogue?" warning on it and put it in the General Fics category?

    Thank you,


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    Edit by Roxy: I have no idea why it's doing that... I've never heard of it happening before and it's exceedingly strange that it should only happen to one person.
    I just thought I'd let you know that the same thing happened to me a couple of days ago, when I tried to add a favourite author.
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    Just on Molly and Kara's subject, I have trouble adding favourite authors sometimes too, it just appears to jump back to my profile page instead of adding anything to my favourites. The same thing happens when I add favourite stories, it doesnt always happen but it does quite often.

    Russia xxxxx

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