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Thread: Ask A Moderator - Part 18

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    Hiya, I read the FAQ and saw the thing about uploading images on to photobucket ect. Is this still the same when putting banners into a thread as I am unsure how to do this and wasn't sure where to look?

    Dani x

    Ps. Hope this is the right place

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    I'm trying to post a new thread in the Adoption Center, but I keep getting an error message each time I do. I don't think this is supposed to happen . . .? The error message reads:

    Method Not Implemented

    POST to /forum/newthread.php not supported.

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    is there a way finding threads easier than by the searchy thing? Because that's kind of annoying, so if there's an easier way let me know!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
    is there a way finding threads easier than by the searchy thing? Because that's kind of annoying, so if there's an easier way let me know!!

    Yup. You can ask any of the Mods, visit Dumbledore's Navy and also poke most members simply hanging around the forums. Odds are someone will know something useful!

    Edit: Also, per our PMs, you can (once you are in any forum) scroll to the bottom of the page and select the 'Forum Jump' option. There you can view all the forums in a list.

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    Hi there,

    As there doesn't seem to be a Mod for "general stories" I'm wondering how long the queue is for that category these days. My story "Rabbit Test" (which is a plot bunny adoption) has been hanging out there for 11 days now. Would it make more sense to move it to a category with a specific moderator (it *could* go into Draco/OC I suppose, but its really not a romance).


    Edit: I put it in Post-Hogwarts? My memory is going....

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    indigo_mouse: All mods can mod general stories. Your story will be looked at shortly. Don't switch it to another category; that would give it a new time stamp and it would take even longer for your story to get through.

    Bine Edit: Besides, your story is not in General but Post-Hogwarts.

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    I've been having problems posting a chapter of my story. I copy and paste it into the 'Add New Chapter' function, but what I see in the preview function can only be described as soup. It's in all bold and all centered, huge chunks are missing, and there are even some new parts add that I didn't write. I'm also not allowed to correct anything once I am in the Preview mode.

    I tried working from several different formats and even different computers, but always the same result. Is work being done on the site?

    Edit: Never mind. Whatever it was, it seems to be over now.

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    I've been having this problem too. Does anyone know what is going on?


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    Miss K
    If I put another author as a co-author to my story when I submit the first chapter, will they be able to submit following chapters/edit the story once the first chapter is approved?

    I'm saying this because I will be around to submit the first chapter, probably, but after that, I'm going on vacation and I want my co-author to be able to submit the rest. I was just wondering if she would have to submit the first chapter in order to be able to submit any following chapters.



  10. 06-21-2009, 09:12 AM

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    Black Lake Forum

    Okay, so i don't get all this Black Lake forum from Mugglenet Audiofiction thing. I know there is a password, but is there a riddle or something to actually get to that forum? How do you get there anyway? Thanks

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