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Thread: Ask A Moderator - Part 18

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    Rhi for HP
    I think what Roop meant were the skins that there was a competition for here on the forums.... (that's what I mean, anyway.) They were up for a while, but not anymore--I think the only options are Dragon and Simplicity. However, when I log in it automatically reverts to Striped_Candycane's "Lumos" brilliance anyway.


    Nicole's edit: That explains why I didn't notice . . . Lumos is my default skin. :-)

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    The other skins have been down for a little while whilst I attempt to code the ads into them properly. I'm really sorry that it's taken so long, they are amazing designs and they will be brought online again eventually... I just need to find enough time to do them.

    Hopefully shouldn't be too much longer.
    ~ Roxy

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    Hi mods,
    Does MNFF have any sort of policy about using derogatory terms for people in stories? I am writing a story in which a gay couple is harassed by a group of Muggles and several very negative terms are used in the exchange. It occurred to me that some readers might be offended, although it is certainly not my own personal opinion, it is the situation the characters are in that calls for these words to be used - it is a very heated, prejudiced exchange that fuels a tragic end. What if I used **** instead of the words? Or should I keep the language, add the appropriate warning, and perhaps an author's note?
    Thanks for the guidance,

    EDIT: I did speak with a few of you, so thanks! I posted my story (Chapter 2 of 'Lost') and added a major warning to the chapter notes about the language. If you guys decide I should change anything, please let me know. I don't know if it would be right to censor it (free speech, story integrity, and all that) but I am happy to comply with the rules of the site!

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    I has a question.

    Edit: Turns out I don't.

    Edit: Turns out I do, but it's completely different. Is there somewhere I can find the list of all House's HoHs and Prefects?

    (P.S. Anyone know what's going on with post #38?)


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    I belong to a few different forums and of course, each one has its own rules. Without thinking about it, I responded to a post here that was a, moderator only, answer thread. At first when I realized it I panicked because, I did not want to be banned, but then I decided I could not be the only one that gets confused from time to time. Therefore, my question is, if I accidentally submit a post where I should not have and I notice right away is there a way to delete it while it is waiting to be monitored.

    Thank you in advance.

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    A.H.: A list of HoHs and Prefects (which is pretty much current) can be found here. As for post 38, I don't think we ever did find out what was happening. Having not heard anything about it in the last few days, I had assumed it was over.

    sajomn: There is no way to delete a post that is waiting for moderation. However you will usually find that we pick up on posts waiting to be moderated quite quickly and ones which aren't in the right place will be deleted, as I have done with your previous post. Don't worry - we don't hold little mistakes against you so it doesn't matter if we have to occasionally delete a post made in error.

    red haired mom: We have been having problems with images in bios for a while. At the moment I believe you can insert one image by pasting a direct link to the image in the 'image' box on the edit bio. However I have also received reports that this has not been working for some people. Sorry I cannot be more helpful - I just noticed that your question has not yet been answered.

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    Sorry to be a bother, but I posted a question a few days ago (post #44 to be exact) about a problem with my duelling thread, but no one has gotten back to me. If it would be easier to just delete my thread and start it over again, I'll do that, I just want to know whats going on with it lol! Thanks!


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    I don't know if I should ask this here, but I really don't know where else I can.

    Is it possible to remove some of my favorite stories?



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    Bella -

    I *thought* I replied to you but maybe it was a dream.

    Go ahead and delete your thread and try starting a new one. I can't find anything wrong that would cause it to act silly the way it is.



    PS: PM me when you open the new one so I can delete the other one. :-)
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    Quick random question. When do sign-ups for Summer term classes start? I unfourtunately signed up for two classes that got abruptly ended this past term, and am hoping to get classes that last the whole term!


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