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Thread: Ask A Moderator - Part 18

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    There's some strange formatting on the main site. All the stories are set at the left instead of the center, and the story statisics has moved around. I don't even see the read count.

    Are you guys doing some kind of site work?

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    Rhi for HP
    Quote Originally Posted by Fresca
    Breaking Dawn came out in August, which was seven months ago. I don't think spoiler warnings would be necessary; Potter-fans had read DH by the time it had been out seven months.
    Just curious, on a topic totally unrelated to the Twitternet thing... so does that (above) mean that we no longer need to put DH spoilers as a warning on our stories (it has been almost two years now, after all)? Which brings me to another question: Why do we still have the DH Spoilers warning there? If a person is reading HP fanfic, it's assumed they like the books. If they like the books, it's assumed they've read them all. The true fans have had plenty of time to finish the series!


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    I was just wondering when the Twilight fanfiction section will close. I want to write a story but I am not sure how long it will take to write. It would really stink if I start writing it and get half-way through and find out that the queue was closed lol. So, estimation-wise, will you guys close it in about a couple of days or about a week? Thanks!


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    Rhi, I'd say you do no longer have to have the DH spoiler warning. As you said, it's nearly two years now that DH was published, and I assume everyone frequenting the boards have read DH at least once. I wouldn't reject for a missing DH spoiler, but maybe another Mod sees this differently?

    Riham, the prank is over, and the stories which are still posted will surely be taken down within the next days. You can of course write your fanfic, but there's no need to submit it.
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    I think this wasn't changed after Twitternet... Because, you know, Hogwarts doesn't have biology. >.>

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    I've been told by several people that my PM's are elongated and can't be read properly unless they hit the reply button.

    Someone else (Bine actually) has told me that this is down to the fact that I have a very long status message. I'll happily post more to get to the next ( and hopefully shorter) message but it's actually stayed on this status for the past 70 - 80 posts.

    Is there any chance the status message could be made shorter?



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    Carole -

    Per our PM conversations, I think it's taken care of.

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    Hi. I'm wondering when this term gets over?

    - Akay

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    The end of the Spring term is Sunday, April 19, 2009.
    You will usually find it posted at the beginning of the housepoints thread each term.

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    Rhi for HP

    Last night I typed in the ordinary url for the forums into my address bar-- and was told the page did not exist. I tried the archives and the mugglenet homepage, retyping many times (though I checked my spelling) and even googling the site and then clicking on the google result. However, every time I was told the page could not be found! I'm relieved to see I can get on this morning, but do you have any ideas as to why that happened? It was different from the message I get when the server is down sometimes.



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