A somewhat random question, but a question nonetheless. Anyway, I'm wondering whether dragons can float or not. Do you think that dragons are too heavy and dense to float in water, ensuring that they drown; or do you think that they would be light and less dense because they can fly, and thus would float in water?

The reason why I ask is I'm trying to decide how the Norwegian Ridgeback goes about hunting aquatic prey, a trait unique to the species according to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If dragons are too dense and would drown in water, I think the Norwegian Ridgeback would hunt aquatic life by using its talons to pluck fish that are too close to the surface out of the water, much like an Osprey would. On the other hand, if dragons can in fact float, I'm thinking that the Norwegian Ridgeback could dive straight into the water (like a cormorant) and kill its prey by shooting jets of hot bubbles, i.e. breathing fire underwater.

So, any thoughts on whether dragons can float or not? Any suggestions on how the Norwegian Ridgeback hunts fish, seals, and other marine animals?

Tim the Enchanter