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Thread: Hogwarts Students in 1966

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    Hogwarts Students in 1966

    I'm currently working on a story that takes place in Hogwarts in 1966, which I realize sounds like a pretty random time. I'm trying to figure out which canon characters attended school, and I want to make sure I get this right. Here's a list of the people I'm fairly sure attended school then, plus a few more:

    Lucius Malfoy (b. 1954)
    Bellatrix Black (b. 1951)
    Andromeda Black (c. 1953)
    Narcissa Black (b. 1955)

    Arthur Weasley (c. 1950)
    Molly Prewett (c. 1950)
    Gideon Prewett
    Fabian Prewett
    Two other Weasley brothers?

    Rita Skeeter (b. 1951)

    Amos Diggory
    Edgar Bones
    Dorcas Meadowes (member of the Order)
    A Lestrange?

    So, how does the list look? The good news is that my main OCs are both in Slytherin, meaning their house should be pretty well stocked. What other characters might belong in this time period? Also, for story purposes, I'll probably place Rita Skeeter in Slytherin. Would that be fair?

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    Let's not forget Neville's parents, Frank Alice. Remember that Harry was born when James and Lily were only twenty, and I've always thought with the difficulty in becoming an Auror and the years of training it would take, they would be somewhat older when they had Neville.

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    You could take Lockhart in I think he'd be younger than Molly, so if she comes to Hogwarts in 1960 (I read somewhere that she's born 1949), maybe he gets there 64 or 65. As for the Longbottoms, I think Auror training takes 3 years, and they already work as Aurors, so they'd be at least 3 years older than Harry's parents. Make them 4-5 years older and they'd be in ther NEWT years 1966.

    What about some of the characters we meet in Diagon Alley? Florian Fortescue for example. He'd be a genius in History of Magic, if I remember correctly (he does help Harry with some essay in PoA), and probably a Hufflepuff, because he seems like a kind person.
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    Thanks for the input, guys. I'll definitely keep the Longbottom clan in mind, as well as those minor characters we don't know all that much about like Fortescue. He might make a cameo appearance before everything is said and done.

    Wow. Lockhart as a teenager... that's interesting to consider, isn't it?

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