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Thread: Albus Dumbledore

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    Winged Artemis



    To me, Dumbledore is a very trusting person. Obviously we see that with Snape, and the line 'I would trust Hagrid with my life' in SS/PS shows how Dumbledore is extremely trusting. And we saw how Snape came out; Snape killed him.

    That said, I think it would be difficult to decide which method he would use. If it were someone that he knew well, yet did not trust, I feel that he may remove a section of their memory. Somehow, I could see him obliviating McGonagall more so than, say, Malfoy, because I can't see him "getting revenge" on someone - even his worst enemies.

    However, people he was friendly with but not close, I would imagine he may. But he would do it kindly, telling them, "You needn't know this. I'm taking it out of your memory. Is there anything you'd like to put in the Penseive?" instead of just plain "Obliviate!" out of nowhere.

    Snape, I cannot see Dumbledore doing that to. I think he would trust Snape with something big, and trust that he would not tell. However, if it were something regarding Horcruxes, in one sense, I think he may remove it from Snape's memory. In another, I can see Dumbledore telling Snape. It just strikes me that Dumbledore may trust Snape with something like that.

    Looking back, that's a pretty long post.

    But I'll finish with this:

    Dumbledore was a mysterious man.

    Hope that's what you were talking about.

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    I hope this is the right place for this...

    I've started a story where Dumbledore is around thirty. My question is, how do you think Dumbledore at this age would be? I'm assuming that he was always very bright (Professor Marchbanks claims he "did things with a wand I'd never seen before" -- (OotP) -- at his examination), but obviously over about 120 years he has changed and grown. Has he always been quite as bright as we see now? Was he once more outgoing? I sort of see him as a more sociable Severus Snape: very involved in his studies but kind. But I'd like some more opinions.

    Also, how much do you think he has accomplished at this point (ie is he a member of all those organizations like the Wizengamot, has he discovered the twelve uses of dragon blood, etc)? Keep in mind that in this fic, he is already a teacher at Hogwarts, so he doesn't have oodles of time on his hands...

    Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

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    Dumbledore Prince
    Don't worry, your post is in the right thread. To answer your character question, though ...

    I've started a story where Dumbledore is around thirty. My question is, how do you think Dumbledore at this age would be?

    I think he was a bright and outgoing person, even at that time. After all, he was only seventeen or eighteen when he sat for his N.E.W.T. examinations, and that was when Professor Marchbanks tested him in Charms and another subject that I cannot recall at the moment.

    There is a difference between 'bright' and 'wise'. His wisdom increases over the years, so it wouldn't be a far stretch to assume that he might have been easier to fool at that time. I'm talking about things in a relative sense.

    From what you've told us about the story so far, I presume he was more inclined to teaching and magical research, rather than socialising. I think he might have made the time to attend the occasional party or Quidditch match.

    I feel that he accomplished most of his achievements (especially the discovery of the many uses of dragon's blood and knowing about Flamel) later in life. I feel that would make more sense, considering Flamel's age.

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    Another thing about the young Dumbledore is that he wouldn't be famous yet. So imagine how people would react to the older Dumbledore if he didn't have a reputation for being all-powerful and wise. They'd just think he was nuts, and he would never get anything done, so I think he would keep a lot of his eccentricity to himself as a young man.

    I picture the young Dumbledore as being one of those excruciatingly polite, mild-mannered people who will never tell you what they really think, but who is secretly running everything from behind the scenes.

    Just my two bits.

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    Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
    At the age of thirty, I think Dumbledore would have been bright, but not so wise. I think he grew wise over the years. I think one's first impression of Dumbledore at that age would be that he is a rather insightful and mild-mannered person. At the same time, I don't think he would have been rash either, maybe thirty is the age his wiseness is beginning to shine through. I agree with Dumbledore Prince's and ThessalyRose's post. Hope this helped!

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    Lily of the US
    It also appeared, at least to me, that he begged Snape to kill him - to use Dark Magic against him, because in the long run, Snape doing it was less bad than Draco doing it (which is kind of a screwed up thing that Dumbledore values Draco's soul more than he does Snape's, given that he trusts Snape so much, but . . .) so yes, I can absolutely see Dumbledore using Dark Magic "for the greater good".
    I, personally, would value Draco's soul more than Snape's. Snape has lived a, well, semi-long life and has had plenty of time to change his mind about right and wrong, and give serious thought to the consequences of each choice. Draco, however, is only seventeen and has basically been forced into being a Death Eater, because Voldemort would kill his parents if he didn't. Though I will agree that Draco is not necessarily a good guy, he is young and very afraid for himself and his parents, and if I was in that situation, I would probably make some stupid decisions too.

    Back to the topic of this thread, however, I do think Dumbledore would use Dark Magic to kill Grindelwald () but it would remain on his conscience and he would feel horrible about it. As he once said,

    It is not our abilities, but our choices, that determine who we truly are.
    So, yes, he might use Dark Magic, but it is the way he would use it that makes him different from Voldemort. For example, Voldemort would torture a person ruthlessly and kill him slowly and painfully, and then just forget about it and move on. If Dumbledore did have to kill someone, I am sure that he would do it quickly and painfully, and feel bad later. Hope I helped... ugh I made myself depressed. ~megan~

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    Is it believable for Dumbledore to move into an all muggle neighborhood? If so, how would he interact with the neighbors?

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    I don't think Dumbledore would hesitate to live in an all-Muggle neighborhood, if there were a good reason to. In fact, if you're talking about a young Dumbledore, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd spent time observing Muggles to learn about them.

    As for how he'd interact, I think he would definitely be the "weird" neighbor on the street. Weird, but friendly. (I'm picturing him watering the lawn wearing his long hair and beard, Bermuda shorts and knee boots, and waving happily at the baffled neighbors). The neighborhood kids would like him; the good ones, anyway. He'd always be giving them sweets, and letting them pet his very strange parrot (Fawkes).


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    This may have already been answered, but how do you think Dumbledore would act or would say to convince someone to take a job? In my story, my OC will be taking the Astronomy post after much convincing from Dumbledore.

    If you need any more info, ask.

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    Well what Dumbledore did when it came to Slughorn, is bait him with what he enjoys most. Interlinking and handpicking the strongest students. What you will want to do is figure out Rosaline's weakness and have Dumbledore use that against her. For example, protection from Death Eaters. So far you have written her as somewhat as a pushover, which could mean that she would eventually be convinced. The important thing is, that Dumbledore knows what her weakness is, or how to push her buttons.

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