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Thread: March Activities 2009

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    Thanks for the review and questions, Afifa.

    You've got 19 stories up in the archives, several one shots and a few chaptered fics. How did you find the time to write all these and do the other MNFF jobs as well as RL of course?
    Well, it'll be back to 18 at the end of the week but I heavily count on my muse. If I'm inspired, I can write up to 5k words in one hour (being able to type with all ten fingers sure helps when trying to keep up with the speed of my muse's dictations ). One-shots are of course easier and quicker to finish, but it's the WIPs that I love most. Their unfinished states push me to continue whenever I feel a downtime because I don't want the readers to be upset by an uncontinued story.

    As for finding time: I have around an hour everyday to work and back home again where I write a lot. There are days when I read instead of write, but sometimes I'm overcome with sudden inspiration and have to jot down everything before I lose it. That happens usually in the mornings. And I also always have my USB with me where the story document is saved on. If I get inspired at work (when I'm bored with the filing for example lol), I open the document and just type (making of course sure no one notices it lol).

    Which do you like better: writing poetry or stories?
    Stories. Poetry is a nice change, but I'm someone wanting to rhyme and have a rhythm to perfection. It costs a lot of time and nerves of mine so I rather stick to stories. However, if my muse tells me to write a poem, I of course can't say no.

    Why is Sirius your favourite HP character?
    He is more than what most fanfic writers make him look like, what with having another girl to date every day. I like that he his such a caring character, despite the tragic that surrounds him and the Black Family. I know the Blacks' intentions of pure-bloods being better than Muggle-borns are better not to be followed, but I can't help feeling a sort of attraction to the family in general. They're practically royal in the wizarding world, and high society has always fascinated me. Sirius is such a well-rounded character, and Jo never told every single detail about him. What most fascinates me about Sirius is his story of rebellion. I'd give a lot to know why and when he started to think differently to his family. I believe that he believed his parents' beliefs when a small child, but something must have triggered him off to see Muggles and Muggle-borns as humans, too.

    Your favourite OC?
    HP-wise, Savaric Orwell. I intended to make him just be the reason why Isla Black decided for Bob Hitchens, rebelling against her family's beliefs, but he kept developing, demanding more stage time etc. He showed me that he's more than just a mention-worthy character and I truly love what has become of him.

    Twilight-wise I quite like my OC Alyssa. She's still developing characteristics, but so far, I'm quite fond of how she acts in different situations and scenes.

    A fic which you've written and you love the most?
    That will always be Shining Through Blackness. It's my first chaptered fic, and I've grown deeply attached to Isla, Bob and Savaric. I'm a little sad it'll be finished soon.

    Your OTP?
    Good question. My first OTP was James/Lily because of their tragic story. When DH was released, I quite liked Severus/Lily. It's the unfulfilled love Sev experiences with Lily that has my heart bleeding for him. It's so sweet, and the story White For Silence by CA Campbell helped deepen those feelings of mine even more.

    Though, when I last wrote on STB, I realised that my true OTP is Isla Black/Bob Hitchens. It might be because of how I characterised them, but their story is so similar in many ways to Andromeda/Ted and yet it has its own charm.

    I'm an addictive to romance.

    What were your feelings when you saw that one of your fics was listed as a Featured Story/when some written piece got nominated for QSQ?
    I was squeeing and positively delighted. It gave me a fantastic feeling that people like my work to nominate them for something like QSQ or to "bath them in spotlight" for other people to notice them.


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    *forgot to post the link to the review here*

    My review for Bine.

    What do you enjoy most about fanfiction?

    What is your favorite genre to read? to write?

    Who is your least favorite character in the HP series?


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