I opened this thread with nothing in my mind and then a wonderful idea just sprung from nowhere. How fabulous.

This month, you may post a response to any of the previous discussions that you didn't respond to (or perhaps weren't a member for) .

Below are the last half-dozen or so discussions, and a brief description of them, followed by a link to the actual discussion for more detail:

February Discussion: Self-Evaluation - Evaluate your own reviews with regards to SPEW standards; use examples, state strenghts/weaknesses, things to improve on, etc;

December Discussion: Education & Experience - How do your experiences and education fit into your writing, as well as the way you evaluate the writing of others? What importance do you feel overall learning and experience plays in writing?

October Discussion: Communication - communication, and the ways in which we communicate over the internet, specifically on MNFF, within SPEW, and through reviews.

September Discussion: Reviewing vs Beta-Reading - If you beta, in what ways does your betawork differ from the reviews you write? Is it just a matter of thoroughness, or does the manner in which you present criticism also affected? Are you more likely to give positive feedback in a beta comment or in a review?

August Discussion: Awareness and Improvements - In what ways has SPEW made you a better writer?

July Discussion: Reviewing - Individual review experiences; Which type of stories you prefer to review, any method you use while reviewing, how you approach both positive and negative feedback, if you have any particular requirements for yourself when reviewing, how your own reviews have improved while in SPEW, how you would like your reviews to iprove, the type of things you comment on in a review, your reviewing strenghts and weaknesses, etc;

June Discussion: The Other Benefit of Reviewing - In what ways do you feel reviewing improves your own writing?
If you wish to go back further, you may. (Just not April & May; I will be reviving that discussion shortly myself.)

Whichever discussion you choose, simply post the month and subject at the beginning of your response