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Thread: Andromeda/Ted Category

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    Andromeda/Ted Category

    I am seeing more and more Andromeda/Ted popping up on the archives [as well as the boards], so I know they are widely popular to read and write. A lot of people have these two as their OTP or just a favourite. So it would be good to have a category for them, as it would save having to go through the 'other pairing' category to find them amongst all the other fics. And they are one of the most popular other pairings.

    Thanks for reading this!

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    I agree! When I looked for one I was surprised to have to look in "Other Pairing." I mean it's not that big of a deal or anything, I just assumed it would be its own category, I guess. I have favorites from Andromeda/Ted.

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    I can't help but agree. They are a very popular pairing, and a favourite of many readers.

    I'm sure some will argue that, if A/T get their own category, then other pairings should too.

    I personally would like to see more Romance Pairings categories anyway. It becomes quite tedious to search for a particular pairing in the Other Pairings category. I understand that the mods might not like this, as it means there are more categories to moderate.

    Ted/Andromeda are quite a special pairing to many of us, so it'd be lovely to see a category for them.

    - Cassie

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