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Thread: OotP Timeline

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    OotP Timeline

    Okay, this is a rather simple question, but since my sister stole my copy of OotP and took it to school today, I can't look up the answer.

    In OotP, Hermione goes skiing with her parents at the start of the Christmas holidays, but a short while later she arrives at Grimmauld place, saying that skiing isn't her thing, and that she'll be staying for Christmas. Well, what I was wondering was whether Hermione had already gone on her holiday with her parents when Harry had his vision about Arthur getting attacked by the snake, or if the school term hadn't completely finished at that point. And then, how long after Arthur's attack did she arrive at Grimmauld place?


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    I think the attack was before Christmas holidays started, because there is this thing about Umbridge being upset about five students leaving Hogwarts early. I don't have the exact day count, so you'll probably have to wait for someone who has the book at hand, but I'm quite sure that the attack was two days before the holidays started, and Hermione definitely finished the rest of the week (I think she says that she did so because Umbridge was already upset and angry about Harry and the Weasleys missing the last classes). So she'd arrive on the first day of the holidays, because there's no reason for her to stay at Hogwarts much longer.

    Edit: I remember now; she isn't there when they visit Arthur at St Mungo's, because there is this scene in which Harry hides in Buckbeaks room or somewhere else at Grimmauld Place and Hermione is looking for him, because Ron told her how Harry had been avoiding all of them because of what they had overheard at the hospital (about Harry being possessed by Voldemort). They arrive at Grimmauld Place on the evening of the attack, and they go to visit Arthur the following day. There's a night in between, so Hermione must arrive the day after that. So she arrives two days after the others (or one and a half).
    She never goes skiing in the first place, because she doesn't even like it. She just talks about her plans, and Ron mocks her because skiing sounds so ridiculous to him.

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    The attack took place shortly before the Christmas holidays. The very same night the Weasleys and Harry left for Grimmauld place.Hermione had spoken about her skiing trip earlier to Harry and Ron.

    Hopefully I'm right.

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    Here is the timeline:

    December 18th- last DA meeting, Harry kisses Cho, has vision of attack, and he and the Weasley's go to Grimmauld Place

    December 19th - Harry and Weasley's visit St. Mungos

    December 20th - last day of term, Hermione arrives at Grimmauld Place

    Hope that clarifies the timeline
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    Okay, thanks, guys. I've gotten all the information I need, so this thread may be locked.

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