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Thread: Laws Against Werewolves

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    Laws Against Werewolves

    I need to know about the laws against werewolves and when they were passed, from as far back as you can find. I tried to find some, but my research skills really are crappy, so I came up with nothing.


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    We know that there is a strong prejudice against werewolves, but I don't think any specific laws are ever mentioned.

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    Sirius says in OotP that Delores Umbridge authored some anti-werewolf legislation the year before that made it nearly impossible for Remus to get a job. A year ago would have been 1995, if my math is correct.

    And no, I couldn't find that fact online anywhere, either; I'm re-reading (or rather re-listening) to OotP at the moment, though.

    However, it is the only actual legislation that I can remember.

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