Following on from the success of the I Challenge Thee last year, I am pleased to announce that Fiction Junction will once again be hosting an I Challenge Thee Challenge

To participate in this challenge, you have to claim the challenge posted by the poster above you, and then, at the same time, post a challenge of your own for the next poster to claim. You then do your challenge and submit the finished product to the archives.

+ Please make challenges - well, challenging. Prompts like "Luna/Neville on their honeymoon" aren't very exciting. "Luna/Neville encountering an imaginary creature on their honeymoon" is a little more specific and more challenging.
+ You are allowed to claim only one challenge at a time. Should you finish one challenge before sign-ups close, you are allowed to claim another.
+ If something comes up that prevents you from submitting or finishing a story for the challenge, you will not be penalized. However, you will not be given participation points.
+ Needless to say, you are highly encouraged to actually write the story you claim.
+ You may only claim the challenge that directly precedes your post. You may not claim a challenge already claimed.
+ There is no limitation to how many challenges are made for this challenge. However, all challenges must be posted here before sign-ups close.
+ Entries should be submitted in their respective categories (there is no specific category set up on the MNFF database for this challenge).
+ Entries can be poems, one-shots, or chaptered unless specified by each individual challenge. Please do not issue drabble challenges, as the entry should be something that can be submitted to the archives.

In order for this challenge to be judged and points awarded before the end of the spring term, the challenge thread will be closed on 31st March. You will then have until the 7th April to get fics in the queue and validated, giving me twelve days before term ends to judge. If fics are in the queue on the 7th April but have not been validated, please send me a PM and I will mod it. However, I would rather that everyone sticks to the deadline, so as not to slow up the judging process. You can of course start submitting entries before the challenge thread has closed and I would encourage you to do this. If you choose to write a chaptered fic, at least the first chapter should be submitted by the deadline.

Links to entries should be posted here

Every entry completed and submitted by the deadline will receive 5 participation points. The winner will receive an additional 15 points, second place an additional 10 points and third place an additional 5 points. As a additional prize, the winning fic will be recorded and turned into an audiofic by one of our very talented MerMuggles!

This challenge will be judged by me, coolh5000. I will be judging based on creativity, sticking to the challenge and the quality of writing.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM and I will do my best to answer them. Please only use this thread for challenges.

I will start with the first challenge:

Write a one-shot or chaptered fic featuring the characters left at Hogwarts during the year of DH. It should be set some time before they start to go into hiding and show some sort of anti-Death Eater activity.

*credit for much of this post goes to the original I Challenge Thee post created by Marauder by Midnight.