Dieter, in the hopes of getting Tim inspired to finally finish the next chapter, I am here with more questions. Don't worry about Nate, though. He has been sent to the darkest recesses of my imagination, and he isn't allowed to leave until he's helped me finish the next chapter of his story.

Can't we talk about this?


But it's been almost two years!

You write now!


How does it feel to be the big hero who saved Sille Lind...after you were the one who almost killed her in the first place? How does that make you a hero again?

What do you think will happen to you because of what you did to Sille? What do you think should happen?

The Japanese are the most racially pure country in Asia? I thought I heard Korea was the most homogenous country in the world. In fact, it was so isolated in the past, people called it 'the hermit kingdom'. They're the only population that is said to be one hundred percent, though Japan and Portugal follow, each with ninty-nine percent.

What is your opinion of the ancient Celts?

Do you know what the electives are a Durmstrang? How old do you have to be to take the electives at Durmstranf. I think at Hogwarts, it's third year and in the American schools, it's fourth year.

What does Konrad want to be when he grows up? What about Ernst?

What do you know about Gerta, besides that she's annoying?

I know you say you don't care, but have you overheard anything about Karakoff's background? You certainly can't help that?

You said you wanted to be pilot before, but is there any wizarding job you would even consider?

What have you learned about Sille's background? You almost killed her, so you should have at least talked to her to apologize for the fact that she almost never saw pubery.

Have you heard the international students talk about the schools that exist in their homelands? What can you tell us?

I know Tim started a thread talking about students in your year. Can you tell us about any other students in your year now?