Hallo Hans. Heil Hitler.

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Hello again, Dieter. In answer to your question, I am Anglo-Germanic, A Brit with German Great-to-the-ninth grandparents.
Oh. Well, that's good.

Besides being a Party functionary, how is your father employed?

He works in printing and other things involving words and pictures, but the majority of his work is connected to the Party.

Would you consider sending a letter to Heinz Linge, Der Führer’s Private Secretary and Valet, asking Herr Hitler to visit Durmstrang, in the manner that Grindelwald did?

Hmm... that's an interesting idea. The problem is, I don't know Hitler's exact address, so sending a letter might be tricky. Without a clear destination, I don't know if an owl will know where to find him.

What are your views on the Jugenddienstpflicht?

It's a good idea. Young people are the future of Germany. Everyone says so. It only makes sense that German youth their respective Hitler Youth branch to learn the skills and form the right attitudes needed for the future.

Does the name Artur Axmann mean anything to you?

It rings a bell, but I don't recall who he is.

What are your views on Franz von Papen? Heinrich Bruning?

I don't care too much for any Chancellors of the weak Weimar government.

Is there, do you think, the chance that Herr Hitler could be mistaken? That the "Thousand Year Reich" might last a shorter time than he believes?

If Hitler creates a strong, firm foundation for Germany, why shouldn't the Third Reich last a thousand years. Unlike any other state in history, National Socialist Germany is a racial state, and the Aryan race is eternal. A nation constructed on the principles of race should last a very long time.

The Rote Jungfront is indeed a Communist Organization. As it's name signifies, it is the youth branch of the Deutsches Kommunistische Partei.

That's what I thought. Shouldn't they all have been arrested by now?

Have you heard "The Fuhrer's" Prophecy Speech?

No I haven't, but my father told me about it.

Why did you write quotation marks around the Führer?

What do you know of the history of Germany prior to the ascention of Wilhelm II to the throne in 1888?

I know the basic history of Bismark and German Unification, a general outline of the First Reich, plus the history of the Aryan race.

Did you know that Der Kaiser is still alive? Would you like to meet him?[/B]

Isn't he living in exile in Holland somewhere? Why would I want to meet someone who's hiding from us? Besides, this was the emperor who lost us the last war.

Thanks for the questions, and sorry for taking so long to answer them.

~ Dieter Heydrich

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Tim, I owe you apropos congradulations. You have captured the essence of Goebbel's indoctrination programme on a uniquely human level I have never seen before. My Professor, who is not only an expert on Nazi Germany, but a devout Harry Potter fan, read this on my reccomendation, and wanted me to ask and make sure you've not got a PhD in Nazi German Culture.
Thank you Hans, I am flattered! My very, very belated answer to your professor's question is that I am interested in World War Two in general, and by extension, Nazi Germany as well. I do not possess a PhD, nor have I graduated university yet, but I have taken a couple classes on the subject of the Third Reich and have done a bit of reading on the subject. I am very glad to hear that my research has payed off.

Tim the Enchanter