Heil Hitler.

Some if not many of you already know who I am, but I hope you won't mind if I introduce myself for a second time.

My name is Dieter Eckhard Heydrich, and I was born on 11 December 1927. I am eleven years old and the second-eldest of the six Heydrich children. I have an irritating older brother named Hans at fifteen years old, and I have four younger brothers and sisters: Paul at nine, Marie at seven, Lena at six, and Albert who's four. I could tell you more about my siblings, but that's for some later posts. To move on to my parents, my mother is a hausfrau, and my father works for the NSDAP as an assistant for the town Gemeinschaftsleiter.

Concerning my appearance... well, I suppose I'll just show you! Here's a picture of me. If you were curious, I am wearing my Deutsches Jungvolk uniform in the picture - the DJ is the junior branch of the Hitler Youth, for boys of 10-14 years old. Anyway, though the picture doesn't show it, I have typically Aryan blond hair and blue eyes, much like my father.

And yes, I am purely Aryan, and so is the rest of my family and my friends and neighbours of my little hometown of Gemüsestadt, Thüringen. I am proud to be a youth of the Reich, and a member of the greatest race on Earth! But it doesn't end there, because on my eleventh birthday last year, I discovered that I happened to be an Aryan wizard too: a strangely dressed man named Professor Theoderich Odoaker essentially invited himself to our home and stunned both my parents and myself with the news that I was wizard and had been accepted to Durmstrang Institute of Magical Learning. That was by far the strangest and most exhilarating birthday I've ever had!

So, after endless months of waiting in agony and being pestered by my siblings to show them magic which I did not yet know how to perform, on 1 September 1939 I finally went to Durmstrang, where I am now. I feel I cannot adequately describe what Durmstrang is like in this short introduction, but I'll just say that despite the school having an infestation of Slavs, my four short months at Durmstrang so far have been nothing short of amazingly spectacular and wondrous!

I'm not feeling particularly energetic enough to describe every little detail about my life so far, so I'll leave my introduction at that. I'm sure you're curious to know about Durmstrang and my friends and classes, so don't hesitate to ask.

~ Dieter Heydrich

Dieter is the main character in my Grindelwald-era fic, Für Das Größere Wohl. Feel free to ask him absolutely any question you like. Don't worry, he can't hurt you! But I can't guarantee that he won't creep you out a little, though...

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