Ok. I'm writing a story on MNFF right now (I Think This Love is Altering my Brain) and the 2nd chapter has been rejected a bunch of times because I write Hermione a little bit too OOC. See, in this chapter, I have Hermione written as waaaaay too girly, but that's what the scene calls for.

The situation? This IS a Ron/Hermione, but the problem is this girl, Avril, (see my OC thread) is trying to get in the way of their relationship. (she approaches Hermione mysteriously in the library, and at the end of Chp2 she's talking to Ron in the hallway) It's written first person from R/Hr POV, and I always end up writing Hermione as a whiny, complainy, girly-girl. Hermione is trying to hide her feelings for Ron, and when Ron fulfilled his dare to ask her to Hogsmeade, Hermione made a comment that they should go as friends. So now she is trying to pretend like she doesn't love him when she really does. All these emotions sounds naggy when I write them .

I just need some general help. Thanks for bothering to read my long rambles!

Any help/advice? PM me or reply post. Thanks a ton