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Thread: Hermione Granger - Part II

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    Hermione Granger - Part II

    This is the place to ask questions and / or discuss Hermione Granger.

    For reference, please see the old thread here.
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    These were the last few posts in the previous Hermione Granger thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil_Med
    What dragon species would you most associate with Hermione? I know that her wand is vine and dragon heartstring, and I can't help but be curious as to what type of dragon it was.
    Quote Originally Posted by cmwinters
    That's a good question. I would say a Romanian Longhorn or Ukrainian Ironbelly, simply on the premise that they aren't listed as having humans as their preferred diet, where some of the others are.

    But also, the Ukrainian and the Romanian are from fairly remote areas, kind of "loner" animals. Hermione is very much a loner; she's got Ron & Harry, but that's pretty much it. And it seems she's been that way her whole life.

    I have heard it speculated (on LiveJournal, but I don't recall who said it) that the Dragon on the cover of Deathly Hallows was possibly an Antipodean Opaleye, which would of course been the dragon guarding the vault at Gringott's. They're native to Australia, where Hermione sent her parents, and of course the dragon that they were riding allowed them considerable liberties, so you could make a good argument for that. (But they do eat people!)

    Definitely NOT a Swedish Short-Snout; if that's ANYONE's dragon, it's Luna's. And not a Welsh Green; they're "common".
    Quote Originally Posted by Tim the Enchanter
    I wish Fantastic Beasts would have more information about the different dragon breeds, but I do find it rather fun to fill in the rest of the details myself.

    But I digress. I would have her wand core be from an Swedish Short-Snout, actually. Reason for this is that this species of dragon is comparatively less aggressive than most, but its hide is very magical and sought after for protective gloves and shields.

    Now, Hermione is not an aggressive person, but she would certainly defend anything she values to the death, which I think goes well with the magical uses of Swedish Short-Snout products.

    Also, the flames from this dragon are a brilliant blue and extremely powerful, and Hermione is quite a powerful witch. Also, this reminds me of the waterproof blue flames she was able to conjure in First Year, so there's a possible connection.

    Tim the Enchanter
    Quote Originally Posted by Sainyn Swiftfoot
    Quote Originally Posted by cmwinters
    Definitely NOT a Swedish Short-Snout
    We've seen why a Swedish Short-Snout would be related to Hermione in Tim's post, but do you have any particular reason for the opposite? Or is it just because Swedish Short-Snouts relate to Luna more so? It IS possible to associate one dragon with more than one person in the series, because there are so few breeds we know of while there are so many characters in the series...

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    Although I think Tim has some very good points, my feeling about the Swedish Short-Snout being Luna's dragon has mostly to do with the unusual nature of the Short-Snout, the colour (Luna's a Ravenclaw, and has blue eyes), and the fact that the Crumple-Horned Snorkack is supposed to be in Sweden.

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    The Hair?

    Did the books ever say what Hermione used to make her hair not be all... bushy?

    Also, does the reader get to know what her parents' names are?

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    Yes it's Sleekeezy Hair Potion

    Woah sense of Deja Vu I'm sure I've just answered this on another thread. We don't know her parents names although we do know they're not Monica and Wendell (Their assumed names when she puts them into hiding).

    Hermione's middle name is Jean (it was Jane in the earlier books but JK changed it when she gave Dolores the middle name ane) so you could speculate that she's named after her mother like a lot of the Potter characters.


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    I have some ponderings, some about Hermione, but more about her parents after she Obliviated them.

    What do you think it would have actually taken to bring her parents out of that kind of state. I almost think it would be a process that might have taken years (look at Lockhart and all the people he hexed). She might have even taken some time to research the curse itself so she would have a better idea of how to go about it. That our Hermione, choosing books over food, after all.

    And I actually have seen a few stories where her mother's name is Jean. I can she her parents as being John and Jean Granger with J & J. Granger Dental Practises. The two names together have a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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    Hermione Granger before Hogwarts

    Does anybody have any ideas on what Hermione was like before she got her Hogwarts letter? I'm thinking about writing a story about her but I would need ideas on what she was like. Was she social? Smart? How did she first start to use her magic? What funny things happened because of magic before she knew it was magic (like Harry and getting rid of the glass and Dudley falling in...)?

    I don't know if I am in the right place for this but I am just trying to get information to write a story.

    Thanks a lot to all you people who will reply!


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    My guess is that Hermione was not that much different than when we meet her on the train: a bit of a smarty pants, sort of bossy, confident but awkwardly unsure, interested in learning, loyal, brave, and hard-working. All translated to a younger age, of course.

    When Harry inadvertently used magic, it was often in a situation when he was being picked on - he escaped the school bullies, he grew his hair back, he let the snake go. Obviously Hermione has a much better home life than Harry, but she may have been picked on in school similar to her rough start at Hogwarts, and so perhaps similar things happened to her. Since Hermione is a girl, however, I could see the person picking on her growing donkey ears or something as opposed to Hermione ending up on the school roof. The other situation where she might have inadvertently used magic might be if she were frustrated with something she was trying to do or learn. I could see that happening.

    You might also consider taking her in a direction where she is very confused by what is happening and unhappy. Or perhaps she was a bit of a dreamer and it turns out that magic was the reason why, if that makes sense.

    Hope that helps!

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    I agree with everything Gina said. I think it would be likely that Hermione had a hard time making friends in school. She even had trouble at Hogwarts, and never was close friends with any of the girls until Ginny. As far as being picked on goes... we do know she had the bushy hair and the buck teeth. Pretty mean to go for those, but kids can be mean and seem to go for the most obvious differences when looking for ways to wound.

    I definitely could see her doing accidental magic in a situation of frustration, as has already been said... especially school work related, or feeling left out socially.

    Good luck ~ sound like a story I would enjoy reading!

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    Double posting with a question of my own.

    I saw this quote on a t-shirt: "You are so lucky I am not allowed to do magic outside of school." There is nothing resembling this quote in canon, is there? I assume it's purely in the "spirit" of Hermione? Just curious.

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