Hello from the BA Moderators!

This is a post to confirm the purpose of this forum.

There was no set of rules for this forum in the past, but this forum is now officially for non-BA members to advertise their skills, show off their banners, and for people to request banners from them. This is a forum similar to the BannerMakers Forum of the BA. It is a place to neither critique another's banners nor look for critique yourself.

We have come to the realisation that however helpful, critique in the more unexperienced hands can sometimes be - however unintentionally - more hurtful than helpful. Therefore, we are kindly asking you to stop critiquing each other's banners in this forum.

Please use this form to request banners. It helps both the requester and the bannermaker understand each other.

Title of your Story:
Author Name: (If you'd like it on the banner)
Catch phrase: (Only if you’d like one, of course)
Overall look of the banner: (i.e. colors, images)
Fonts: (i.e. specific name of font or a general idea)
Characters: (Specific Characters in the banner? If so, would you like movie characters or images of your choosing or my choosing)
Story Summary: (So we can get a feel of your story, a link would be peachy as well)
Banner size: (So it fits in with the rest of your signature; may not exceed 300x500px)
Have You Requested This Banner Before?:
Anything else?
However - we do realize that good critique is a wonderful tool, and we are certainly not here to deny you of this. Critique Galore is a project in which non-BA members and BA members can both participate to gain perspective on the world of Bannermaking.

Happy Bannermaking!

Dawn, and the Pixel Court

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