Ever notice the number of threads on Original Characters compared to the number of threads about Canon Characters? At the moment, it's at an all time high -- Severus, Sirius, Harry, Tonks, Tom Riddle and Ron have all been addressed lately.

However, there are times when we have a couple dozen original character threads and maybe one or two canon character discussions. And if you scan through the stories on MNFF, a good chunk of them focus on original characters.

When you think about it, it's strange. Because this is fan-fiction; we're here to write about the Potterverse and the Harry Potter characters. So why the strong supply of original characters? Are original characters just a fad? Something that everyone wants to have, because everyone else has one?

How do you feel about OC's? What do you think is a good reason to have one, and when do you think an author is just hopping on the bandwagon? Is it about a plot that none of the canon characters can fit? Or is it about inventing a new love interest for Harry because the available ones in canon aren't satisfactory? Are there too many OC's? Does it defeat the purpose of fan-fiction? Are some OC's wasted on fan-fiction, when they could have their own original story?

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