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    Monthly Newsletter

    I was thinking we could open up a section in the The Great Hall or General Fanfiction Chatter for a monthly newsletter. Here is what I am thinking it would (could) have:

    -- Harry Potter News (anything to do with the movie, books, or J.K. Rowling herself)
    -- Featured Author (or Story) of the Month
    -- Beta Board News (basically reposting announcements)
    -- Interview with a Member
    -- Club of the Month (feature a club like SBBC or Duelling Club)
    -- Thank A Mod (like we pick a Mod a month to thank with drabbles and banners)

    I would be willing to take full responsibilty for this.

    I totally understand if this isn't practical.

    Thank you,

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    I personally think that it is a great idea. I would love to get this information. The only issue that I can think of is time.



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    Oh my gosh, why didn't someone think of this before?? I think it's brilliant!

    Again, there's the time issue, but there's a lot that can be done in a month's time.

    It should be a collaboration of members though, so that one person can be in charge of each thing.

    I luffs this idea!!


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    Am I allowed to post here? I constantly forget that there are other places besides the Ravenclaw Tower. >.<

    I, er, third that suggestion! But I think that Heads of Houses should also post Announcements in the Newsletter. For example, our constant changing of HoH and Prefects could be noted, so that people don't PM Tash/Pondering constantly and wonder where she went.

    Also, I posted a suggestion in our Ravenclaw Tower about an Inter-House fic exchange, as a fun little (or big...>.>) Unity thing. Then lily_evans34 had an excellent idea to add on to mine. Can I post it here? I hope my fellow 'Claws don't wallop me and insist it was a 'Claw idea...>.<

    Quote Originally Posted by lily_evans34
    What if everyone interested signs up, and requests a certain character/pairing like a typical exchange, but also lists a couple of their favourite stories written by them. Now, everyone on the forums is so talented in a different way [SPEW, BA, writing, drawing, etc.] that person b receives the form filled out by person a, and decides to draw a picture based on one of person a's stories. Then person c gets the form from person d, and decides to make a banner or write a review, or a drabble... and basically, it would be a pretty open challenge, but it would let everyone do something for someone else, based on what they feel are their strengths. So it wouldn't be as overwhelming as a fic exchange, in that there are alternatives if a person gets writer's block. This could be a strictly-Ravenclaw thing, but I like the idea of House Unity.

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    I fourth this decision!

    I think it'll be great to have updates on Harry Potter news, as well as announcements and basically everything that Alex said.

    Also, I love the idea from Angela Prongs and lily_evans34, about the House Unity thing. It's a great way for everyone to get to know each other from the other houses and could help people's imagination.

    If this gets approved, let everyone know. It's a really great idea and I can't believe no one has ever thought of this before.


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    This is so weird-- I was just thinking how awesome it would be if MNFF had something like an e-zine (which would include all the things suggested in the thread). What I was thinking was more along the lines of hosting QSQ winner's stories and challenge winners (of all the various story challenges around the boards), and having such articles as the ones suggested here.

    On another OF writing site--where I Moderate, and technically would be an editor but due to time restraints, aren't--we have a quarterly e-zine, that features the winners of our contests (chosen by members) and the editor's choice, hand-picked by the staff. In addition, there are several constant features like articles on different pieces of punctuation, an interview with a chosen member, an article on a member who's been published--also a teaser for their book--a list of recommended books, etc.. It's always a good read and, while it's a lot of work--from what I observe, unfortunately not what I contribute--it's worth it to read the completed e-zine. I'd totally read and recommend an e-zine with Potter-related news and updates/articles/stories contributed from MNFF.


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    Alex, you are my new favorite person in the universe for suggesting this! I would love for there to be an MNFF newsletter -- that would be so phantasmagorically cool. But I don't think it should have general HP news, since that's kinda what we have MuggleNet for. But all in all, I think it's a fantastic idea.

    And Ari, I have no idea how the hell you got that little "Two cents" emoticon on your post, but it's the coolest one I've seen in awhile. =-]

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    Thank you very much your suggestion. We are sorry it has taken us a while to respond to this thread but we have been talking behind the scenes and are very excited to begin this project. For those interested in having a role in the MNFF newsletter, you may now apply to be a member of our editorial team here!

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    Hey Everyone!

    Since this suggestion has come to life I am closing this thread.

    Please, if you are interested in helping with the newsletter, click on the link given to you in the post before mine.

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