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Thread: Where do Head Boys & Girls sit in the Great Hall?

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    Where do Head Boys & Girls sit in the Great Hall?

    Where do Head Boys & Girls sit in the Great Hall? In their own House Tables or at the main table?

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    Hi! I would say that they would almost definitely sit at their own house tables. The main table is the Staff Table and as the name suggests it's restricted to the teachers.

    Also JK has never specifically mentioned that Head Boys/Girls sitting at the staff table.

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    Yeah, I don't think the teachers would make the Head Boy and Girl feel like they have too much power. They are still students, after all. So I think they would still sit with the members of their house as well.

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    If the Head Boy or Girl sat at the table, I'm POSITIVE we would've heard about the glories of it from Percy during PoA when he would've had the chance to do so. As it is, the others before me have mentioned quite helpfully that it's only ever been called the staff table. Hope that my observation also helps.

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