Hello -

So I'm writing a Marauder Era fic at the heart of the war. I was reading DH, and the following bits caught my eye.

I quote Dumbledore: “You have guessed, I know, why the Cloak was in my possession on the night your parents died. James had showed it to me just a few days previously.”

While Lily’s letter said, “…Dumbledore still has his Invisibility Cloak, so no chance of little excursions.”

James showed his Cloak to Dumbledore a few days prior to his death, but he (Dumbledore) also had it at the time of Harry's birthday, when Lily is presumbly writing this letter?

Explain, please?

(If anyone needs the full letter, I'll post it over.)


Also Lily said in her letter to Sirius: “We were so sorry you couldn’t come, but the Order’s got to come first.”

Lily is referring to Harry’s birthday, which Sirius did not attend. When she says, “Order’s got to come first” what impression does this specifically give of the situation of the Order at that time?

Note, that this letter is written anytime between 31st July and 31st Oct (agree?), and also that, Peter is certainly a very aquainted spy by this time (the Order lost it's members very quickly during this period).

I've three theories of my own. Care to tell which one seems more likely?

- perhaps L/J are in hiding, and that's why Sirius cannot come visit;
- maybe Dumbledore at this point of time was aware of a spy in the Order, and therefore wanted Lily and James to be cautious;
- maybe Sirius was on a mission, and Lily expressed her understanding of the fact that the Order duty came first. I make this conjecture on the fact that Lily uses the word “couldn’t”, implying that Sirius may not have voluntarily been absent.

So, what do you think?


My last thread went unanswered regarding this. I've taken Sarah's permission to post the following questions again.

Do you think Dumbledore told Lily and James about the prophecy? It could've meant their child after all.

Do you think Dumbledore told Frank and Alice about the prophecy?

Help appreciated!


Disclaimer: All quotes from American version of DH by JK Rowling.