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    April Fools

    Hi! I'm in need of some help with coming up with ideas for April Fool's Day pranks that the Marauders can pull.

    In my story April Fool's Day also coincides with the students breaking up for the Easter holidays.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance !


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    I'm stuck for good ideas, but how about the Marauders pretending that the Easter Bunny is real or something - they're good wizards, they'd find a way

    Or you could have James give Lily (this is example, you can change accordingly to your story) a chocolate egg, but instead of having air on the inside, you could have ... something else, which she thinks is something nice, which she eats ...

    I know that is truly bad, but it's all I've got.


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    Here are some examples of April Fool's pranks yours truly has pulled:

    -The classic money-on-the-floor gag: Tape fishing line or thick thread to the back of paper money. Place the money on the floor, where it won't get stepped on, but it will get noticed. Hide somewhere where you can see what's going on. When someone bends down to grab it, yank it away! Plenty of laughs had by all.

    -The almost-classic wrong-books gag: In class, whilst two friends are otherwise engaged, switch their notebooks. Plenty of laughs had by all, once they get their notebooks back.

    -The less-than-classic really-wrong-books gag: Observe faculty gradebook over period of several weeks. Really get to know the gradebook. Make a fake gradebook, complete with ransom note and better grades. Have a decoy student distract the faculty. Switch the gradebooks. Never, ever give it back. Plenty of laughs had by all except faculty.

    The first two are my usual pranks, but the last one was fantastic and only ever pulled once. The heist was blamed on the grade below ours, and everyone in their grade was put in detention. It was awesome.


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    Maggie, those are really good pranks. That last one is amazing, I applaud your guts. Poor teachers.

    The only April Fool's prank I can remember pulling is last year, when I read in the French Contest that a classic April Fools thing in France is the 'poisson d'avril'--literally the 'fish of April.' You stick a paper fish on the back of someone's shirt with 'poisson d'avril' written on it and I guess this is funny. I only did it to confuse my sister.

    The best April Fool's prank ever was the one pulled by my eighth grade history teacher. He passed out this really official looking set of rules--it had the school logo, school font, etc.--and these rules were pretty sadistic in our opinions. For example, no cell phones on campus, ever, not even after school. There were others, but I can't remember them. Of course, after we'd all spent ten minutes utterly horrified, he said, "April Fools."

    If James is already Head Boy or even just if Remus is a prefect, maybe they could get all the prefect-type people in on a massive prank like the one I just mentioned. That's just an idea.

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    Here are some that I've heard of (or preformed) in my days.

    First off - Adding or changing a person's appearence is always fun. Like fake mustaches, unibrows, make-up. . . . But with magic, who knows how far you can stretch it? Why not change someone's face to look like it was someone else's, or of a member of the opposite gender? You can play with that.

    The Egg Trick - Have someone say that 'if you'll let me crack three eggs on your head, I'l give you 500 Galleons'. Then they'll crack two eggs, but say that they don't want to waste the third egg or 500 Galleons. Have fun with your own variations.

    Also, Superglue (or a similar substance or spell) is a prankster's best friend. I've glued quarters to the ground, then watched as people bend down to pick them up, and look mystified when it won't budge. Very amusing.

    And let me describe to you what my father did for his Senior Prank. He put a car on top of the school, because it amused him and he had a friend with a cherry picker. All sorts of variations could be made from this, like removing the tables from the great Hall and placing them in some random spot, like floating over the Lake, or placing something large and brightly coloured over the school or in the halls. Also, you could put some sort of enchanted sign over all of the windows in the castles, that change what they say because of what the caster says or writes on a piece of parchment. All sorts of hilarity could come from that.

    Hope I've helped. All of the suggestions are really good, by the way. I may have to use them for my pranks this April, or a version of them


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    Oh, speaking of senior pranks...
    We have ordered 200 alarm clocks, and on the second-to-last day of school, we are setting them for random times and hiding them in the ceiling. BWAHAHAHA. I suppose you could do this with magic, like charm several hundred objects to make really annoying sounds at different (or the same!) times.
    The class before us got 5 goats, taped the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 onto their backs, and set them loose in the school. The teachers spent four days looking for the 5th goat, but they never found him. BWAHAHAHAHA. Hogwarts students could do this with goats, too, I guess, if they went down to the Hog's Head and asked politely...

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