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Thread: GERMAN Language Help

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    May be a wierd question.. :S but does anyone know a name of a graveyard/cemetery - you know the place where people are buried in Germany in Berlin?. Because my characters in my story is soon going to a trip to Germany , Berlin where they want to visit their mother grave. The story takes place in 1953.

    In 1953, where Berlin east and west berlin `Or just Berlin? I tried to find out bit wikipedia confuses me.

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    *is not sure about the dates*

    There is the Alter Garnisonsfriedhof, which is really old. I'd link you to it, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to (there's a page with history to it and stuff, just google it). And yes, it was West- and East Berlin then. You might want to re-check in which part the graveyard you want your characters to visit is supposed to be.
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    There are a lot graveyards. Here's the list I found through google:

    Ev. stands for evangelic/Protestant. But I unfortunately don't know what Ld. or Rk. mean. Sorry.

    Britischer Soldatenfriedhof
    Dorfkirchhof Alt-Schmargendorf (Ev.)
    Friedhof Heerstrasse (Ld.)
    Friedhof Grunewald (Ld.)
    Friedhof Grunewald- Forst (Ld.)
    Friedhof Ruhleben (Ld.)
    Friedhof Schmargendorf (Ld.)
    Friedhof Wilmersdorf (Ld.)
    Jüdischer Friedhof Charlottenburg
    Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Luisen-Friedhof I (Ev.)
    Luisen-Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Luisen-Friedhof III (Ev.)

    Alter Luisenstadt- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Böhmisch- Lutherischer- Bethlehems- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    Dreifaltigkeits- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    Dreifaltigkeitsfriedhof II (Ev.)
    Friedhof Alt- Stralau (Ev.)
    Friedrichswerderscher Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof IV (Ev.)
    Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof V (Ev.)
    Jerusalems- und Neue Kirche I (Ev.)
    Jerusalems- und Neue Kirche, Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Jerusalems- und Neue Kirche, Friedhof III (Ev.)
    Jerusalems- und Neue Kirche IV (Ev.)
    St.Petri-Luisenstadt-Friedhof (Ev.)

    Lichtenberg- Hohenschönhausen:
    Alter Friedhof Friedrichsfelde (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Falkenberg (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Malchow (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Wartenberg (Ev.)
    Friedhof Gotlindestrasse (Ld.)
    Friedhof Hohenschönhausen (Ld.)
    Friedhof Rathausstrasse (Ld.)
    Friedhof Rummelsburg (Ld.)
    Friedhof "Zur frohen Botschaft" (Ev.)
    Karlshorster und Neuer Friedrichsfelder Friedhof (Ev.)
    Oranke- Friedhof (Ev.)
    St. Andreas - St. Markus- Friedhof (Ev.)
    St. Hedwig- und St. Pius Friedhöfe (Rk.)
    Zentralfriedhof Friedrichsfelde (Ld.)

    Marzahn- Hellersdorf:
    Alter Friedhof Marzahn (Ld.)
    Anstalts- Friedhof Wuhlegarten (Ld.)
    Alter Kirchhof Mahlsdorf (Ev.)
    Friedhof Biesdorf (Ld.)
    Friedhof Kaulsdorf (Ld.)
    Waldkirchhof Mahlsdorf (Ev.)
    Friedhof Mahlsdorf (Ld.)
    Parkfriedhof Marzahn (Ld.)

    Alter Garnison- Friedhof (Ld.)
    Dom- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    Dom- Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Dorotheenstädtisch-Friedrichswerderscher Friedhof (Ev.)
    Französischer Friedhof I (Ev.)
    Französischer Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Französischer Friedhof III (Ev.)
    Friedhof Am Plötzensee (Ld.)
    Friedhof gegenüber dem Amtsgericht (Ld.)
    Friedhof St. Paul - St. Johannis - Nazareth
    Friedhof Turiner Straße (Ld.)
    Invaliden- Friedhof (Ld.)
    Jüd. Friedhof Große Hamburger Straße
    Sophien- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    Sophien- Friedhof II (Ev.)
    Sophien- Friedhof III (Ev.)
    Sowjetischer Soldatenfriedhof/Ehrenmal Tiergarten
    St. Elisabeth- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    St. Elisabeth- Friedhof II (Ev.)
    St. Hedwig- Friedhof I (Rk.)
    St. Johannis- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    St. Johannis und Heiland- Friedhof (Ev.)
    St. Philippus-Apostel- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Urnenfriedhof Gerichtstraße (Ld.)
    Urnenfriedhof Seestraße (Ld.)

    Alter St. Jacobi-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Alter St. Michael-Friedhof (Rk.)
    Böhmische Friedhöfe (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt- Britz (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt- Buckow (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt- Rudow (Ev.)
    Emmaus-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Friedhof Alt-Buckow (Ld.)
    Friedhof Britz I (Ld.)
    Friedhof Britz II (Ld.)
    Friedhof Columbiadamm (Ld.)
    Friedhof Lilienthalstraße (Ld.)
    Friedhof Rudow (Ev.)
    Friedhof Rudow (Ld.)
    Jerusalems-u. Neue Kirche V (Ev.)
    Magdalenen-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Neuer Luisenstadt-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Neuer St. Jacobi-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Parkfriedhof Neukölln (Ld.)
    St. Simeon und St. Lukas- Friedhof (Ev.)
    St. Thomas-Friedhof (alt u. neu) (Ev.)
    Türkischer Friedhof

    Alter Friedhof Weißensee (Ev.)
    Auferstehungs- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Blankenburg (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Heinersdorf (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Karow u. Friedhof Karow III (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Rosenthal (Ev.)
    Friedhof Blankenburg (Ld.)
    Friedhof Blankenfelde (Ev.)
    Friedhof Heinersdorf (Ld.)
    Friedhof Karow II (Ev.)
    Friedhof Nordend Bereich Frieden- Himmelfahrt (Ev.)
    Friedhof Nordend Bereich Gethsemane (Ev.)
    Friedhof Nordend Bereich Zions (Ev.)
    Friedhof Pankow II (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow III (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow IV (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow V (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow VI (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow VII (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow VIII (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow IX (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow XI (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pankow XII (Ld.)
    Friedhof Pappelallee (Ld.)
    Friedhof Weißensee (Ld.)
    Georgen- Parochial- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    Georgen- Parochial- Friedhof III (Ev.)
    Jüdischer Friedhof Adass Jisroel
    Jüdischer Friedhof Schönhauser Allee
    Jüdischer Friedhof Weißensee
    Neuer Friedhof Rosenthal (Ev.)
    Neuer Friedhof Weißensee (Ev.)
    Schlosskirchhof Buch (Ev.)
    Segens- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Sowj. Soldatenfriedhof / Ehrenmal Schönholzer Heide
    St. Bartholomäus- Friedhof (Ev.)
    St. Hedwig- Friedhof II (Rk.)
    St. Marien und St. Nikolai- Friedhof I (Ev.)
    St. Marien und St. Nikolai- Friedhof II (Ev.)

    Dorfkirchhof Heiligensee (Ev.)
    Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof III (Ev.)
    Friedhof "Am Nordgraben" (Ld.)
    Friedhof Frohnau (Ld.)
    Friedhof Dankes-Nazareth (Ev.)
    Friedhof Heiligensee (Ld.)
    Friedhof Hermsdorf I (Ld.)
    Friedhof Hermsdorf II (Ld.)
    Friedhof Lübars (Ld.)
    Friedhof Reinickendorf (Ld.)
    Friedhof Reinickendorf I (Ld.)
    Friedhof Tegel "Am Fließtal" (Ld.)
    Friedhof Wittenau (Ld.)
    Golgatha-Gnaden u. Johannes-Evangelist (alt u. neu) (Ev.)
    Martin- Luther- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Russ-orth. Friedhof d. Hl. Konstantin u. Helena Kirche
    St. Hedwig- Friedhof III (Rk.)
    St. Sebastian- Friedhof (Rk.)

    Dorfkirchhof Kladow (Ev.)
    Friedhof Gatow (Ev.)
    Friedhof "In den Kisseln" (Ld.)
    Friedhof Staaken (Ld.)
    Landschaftsfriedhof Gatow (Ld.)

    Dahlemer St. Annen- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt- Lankwitz (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Lichterfelde-Giesensdorf (Ev.)
    Dreifaltigkeits-Friedhof IV (Ev.)
    Friedhof Dahlem (Ld.)
    Friedhof Lankwitz (Ld.)
    Friedhof Lichterfelde (Ld.)
    Friedhof Nikolassee (Ev.)
    Friedhof Nikolskoe, St. Peter und Paul (Ev.)
    Friedhof Schönow (Ld.)
    Friedhof Steglitz (Ld.)
    Friedhof Wannsee I (Ld.)
    Friedhof Wannsee II (Ld.)
    Friedhof Zehlendorf (Ld.)
    Kreuz- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Luther- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Parkfriedhof Lichterfelde (Ld.)
    Paulus- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Paulus- Kirchhof Zehlendorf (Ev.)
    Waldfriedhof Dahlem (Ld.)
    Waldfriedhof Zehlendorf (Ld.)

    Tempelhof- Schöneberg:
    Alter St. Matthäus- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Alter Zwölf-Apostel-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Christus-Friedhof (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt- Lichtenrade (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt- Mariendorf (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt- Marienfelde (Ev.)
    Dorfkirchhof Alt-Tempelhof (Ev.)
    Dreifaltigkeitsfriedhof III (Ev.)
    Friedhof Alt- Mariendorf II (Ev.)
    Friedhof Alt- Schöneberg (Ev.)
    Friedhof Lichtenrade (Ev.)
    Friedhof Mariendorf- Ost (Ev.)
    Friedhof Marienfelde (Ev.)
    Friedhof Schöneberg I (Ld.)
    Friedhof Schöneberg II (Ld.)
    Friedhof Schöneberg III (Ld.)
    Friedhof Schöneberg IV (Ld.)
    Friedhof "Zum Heiligen Kreuz" (Ev.)
    Heidefriedhof Tempelhof (Ld.)
    Neuer St. Michael- Friedhof (Rk.)
    Neuer Zwölf-Apostel-Friedhof (Ev.)
    St. Matthias- Friedhof (Rk.)
    Tempelhofer Parkfriedhof (Ld.)

    Treptow- Köpenick:
    Christophorus- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Friedhof Adlershof (Ld.)
    Friedhof Altglienicke (Ev.)
    Friedhof Altglienicke (Ld.)
    Friedhof Baumschulenweg (old and new) (Ld.)
    Friedhof Bohnsdorf (Ld.)
    Friedhof des Ortsteils Rauchfangswerder
    Friedhof Hessenwinkel (Ld.)
    Friedhof Rahnsdorf (Ld.)
    Friedhof Rahnsdorf-Wilhelmshagen (Ev.)
    Friedhof Rudower Strasse (Ld.)
    Sowj. Soldatenfriedhof / Ehrenmal Treptower Park
    St. Laurentius- Friedhof (Ev.)
    Waldfriedhof Grünau (Ld.)
    Waldfriedhof Müggelheim (Ld.)
    Waldfriedhof Oberschöneweide (Ld.)

    After the war, in 1945, Berlin was divided into four sectors according to how Germany was divided into four sectors, each sector for one of the victorious countries (USA, Great Britain, France and Sowjet Union). Each sector was more or less governed by those countries, including Berlin. In 1948/1949 there was a blockade of West Berlin by the east, as a result of increasing political differences between the USA, GB, France and Sowjet Union.

    When then the GDR and Federal Republic of Germany were founded, the allied powers moved their government to Bonn. The GDR announced Berlin its capital. The Cold War culminated in the Berlin crisis with the building of the Berliner Mauer on 13 August 1961.

    So, yes, in 1953, Berlin was already divided into east and west.
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    Rk means roman catholic, I think. But with those graveyards, you need to be careful that they already existed in 1953. Some districts may have been towns of their own back then etc, or the graveyards just hadn't been founded yet.

    Possibly, Ld. means "landeigen," that is the graveyard belongs to the city/state, and anyone (no matter of what religion they are or aren't) can be buried there. But I'm not sure...

    Bine: Makes sense, with what Rk and Ld mean.
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    ^ Thanks for your help both of you

    Karaley Dargen - about my characters should go to East or West. In fact I have not decided yet because I can't decide. My characters (Three characters) are going to Germany because two of them want to find out their father's past.
    I was thinking about choosen West Berlin because I thought it might would be easier to get into? The characters are all young 15, 13 and 8.

    If I choose it to be west how can I see which cemeteries who were in West Berlin?

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    Here's a map of West Berlin's districts. When you then check the list above, you see which graveyards lie in which districts (the districts are the underlined).
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    ^ Thanks agian. Choosing a graveyard is not the easist thing . In my next life I am not going to write a story taking place in Germany agian.

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    Hmm I could not find a better place to ask. Are there any special customs in Germany? Like any special way to say hello to each other etc. Since Germany is a country close to the country where I live I suposse that Germany is not very different from Denmark.
    I just wondering,

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    We say "Hallo", or "Hey" when we're talking to friends. Though as your story is set in the fifties, you might want to settle for "Guten Tag" and a handshake.
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    I have a few German questions.

    In the story I'm writing (Für Das Größere Wohl), the school of Durmstrang has three kinds of student prefects. There are about a dozen ordinary prefects, at least two in the middle rank, and one top prefect. So, what I'm wondering is, what would be a good name for the highest rank? Hauptpräfekt and Oberpräfekt are two names I've come up with, but which one would be higher than the other? Or do you have any alternative suggestions for titles?

    Also, as I do not trust internet translators, here are a few things I'd like to have in German:

    A New World
    Attack is Defence
    “In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.”
    Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning
    Potions Class
    Defensive Magic
    History of Magic

    Also, I have come across two different spellings of Soviet Union: Sowjetunion and Sovjetunion. Which one is the correct spelling, or are they both valid?

    Lastly, what are some cultural stereotypes Germans have of Polish people? Of Russians?


    Tim the Enchanter

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