So, I'm half german and speak German fluintly, so I hope I can help! Oh, and as I don't have the Umlaute on this computer, I'm using the 'e'.
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In the story I'm writing (Für Das Größere Wohl), the school of Durmstrang has three kinds of student prefects. There are about a dozen ordinary prefects, at least two in the middle rank, and one top prefect. So, what I'm wondering is, what would be a good name for the highest rank? Hauptpräfekt and Oberpräfekt are two names I've come up with, but which one would be higher than the other? Or do you have any alternative suggestions for titles?
I'd go with ... Oberpraefekt because Germans usually use 'Ober' vor the highest stuff, like Highschool is (well, they have a different school system, so it's not completely right) Oberstufe, whereas 'Haubt' means 'main', which I guess works too, if you want this prefect to be the main prefect, not the top one.... but I wouldn't even use 'präfekt', it just doesn't sound right, sorry. In the books, I think they use 'Vertrauensschueler' , which means ... 'Trustpupil' (kind of), although you can use präfekt if yiou want, Durmstrang is a different school then Hogwarts, so they can hace different names... although I'd go with Vertrauensschueler.

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Also, as I do not trust internet translators, here are a few things I'd like to have in German:

A New World Eine Neue Welt
Attack is Defence Attacke ist Defensive (word for word) Angriff ist zur Verteidigung/Abwehr
“In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.” "In der Abwesenheit von Befehlen, geh (und) finde Etwas und bring es um"
Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning (das) Durmstrang Institut fuer das Magisches Lernen/Wissen
Potions Class Zaubertrank Unterricht
Defensive Magic Defensive Magie
Herbology Kraeuterkunde
Charms Zauberkunst
History of Magic Geschichte
Transfiguration Verwandlung

Okay, well, the classes and stuff I tried to remember how they said it in the german books, but I don't have it with me, so I'm not sure for the Durmstrang Institute one, but I think it's right.

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Also, I have come across two different spellings of Soviet Union: Sowjetunion and Sovjetunion. Which one is the correct spelling, or are they both valid?
It's Sowjetunion.

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Lastly, what are some cultural stereotypes Germans have of Polish people? What about Russians?
Ummm, I'll come back to this! I'm kinda supossed to be in bed. And this isn't what you're looking for, but it might help. I think Germans think of Poish people of poor. (Well, the country is way poorer than Germany)