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Thread: GERMAN Language Help

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    GERMAN Language Help


    I'm not gonna lie to you: online translators should not be held as the iron-clad rules when it comes to translating.

    Remember that you might need to give a bit of background in order for someone to give you the best possible translation. (For example, verbs can change drastically when conjugated into different tenses. Also, many adjectives have masculine and feminine forms. If you give a translator a bit of context, he or she might tell you that a slang word would work best.)

    I need to know how to say, "Please get over here immediately." This is Harry talking to Ron through the Floo.

    Anyone can use Google to find an online translator. There's nothing wrong with using these Internet tools, but translators should have at least a little knowledge of the language. (You don't have to be a native speaker, by any means.)

    Please note: if you're not 100% comfortable with your translating skills, please state that.

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    I'd like to put myself out there for anyone who needs help. I've been taking German for 2 full years now, along with half a year in seventh grade, and have always done very well. I just spent three weeks actually in Germany back in July, so I have more knowledge than just class can give me. I also am currently having an affair with my German-English, English-German dictionary... but am willing to use it to help you out, if that's what you need.

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    Maybe I should advertise my services, too.

    I'm a 23-year-old German, and an accredited P.I.-beta reader, as well as a memeber of the beta guild. (check my add in the beta guild section). I was born in Germany, and lived most of my life here, naturally speak it fluenty and could further assist with German Culture Help.
    Just post (or pm me with) any questions you might have, I'm looking forward to helping you!

    I'm currently translating a stroy from German to English, so if you'd like to see a sample of my skills, check the link in my sig...

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    I'm fairly good at German, and I'd be glad to help. I'm fourteen years old, and have been speaking German since I was six (that's eight years for you mathematically challenged people, like myself). I take German 3 at my High School, and am fairly fluent, and I've also been to Germany, so I know a thing or two about German culture. I'm also excellent at German spelling (which isn't much of a feat, because it's outrageously easy), and not too shabby at grammar.

    I don't know if I could translate an entire fic, but if you need some German snippets, I could definitely do that.

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    Le first German question.

    How do you say:

    1. The Second (meaning like, the first, the second - not a measure of time)

    2. In the gutter (literally)

    3. Take my hand, and I'll save you from your misery

    Thank you!

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    Ooh, yeah! I can help you here:

    1. The Second--die Zweite

    2. In the gutter--Im Abflussrinne

    3. Take my hand, and I'll save you from your misery--Nimm meine Hand, und ich werde dich von deiner Misere retten. (if the person your character is talking to is a friend) or Nehmen Sie meine Hand, und ich werde dich von deiner Misere retten. (if your character is just an aquaintance with the person s/he is talking to)

    I'm just a student of German, so I had to use a dictionary for a couple of these words -- native German speakers, please feel free to correct me. Hope that helps!

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    Skulblaka got it mostly right, just a few corrections ;-)

    1. The Second--
    depending on the gender - for males: der Zweite / for females: die Zweite / neutral: das Zweite
    Keep in mind that German also uses gender differences with some 'things', like the moon would be male - der Mond - while the sun is female - die Sonne.

    2. In the gutter (literally) - in der Abflussrinne / im Abfluss
    could you give us the context on this one?

    3. Take my hand, and I'll save you from your misery
    if the person your character is talking to is a friend - Nimm meine Hand und ich werde dich aus deiner Misere retten / Nimm meine Hand und ich werde dich von deinem Leid befreien.

    or if your character is just an aquaintance with the person s/he is talking to -
    Nehmen Sie meine Hand und ich werde Sie aus Ihrer Misere retten / Nehmen Sie meine Hand und ich werde Sie von Ihrem Leid befreien.

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    Thanks so much, Skulblanka and Nessie!

    The context of 'in the gutter' is that a person is literally sitting on the side of a curb, in a gutter basically. So, yeah.

    And for the 'take my hand and I'll save you from your misery,' the person they're talking to is just an aquaintance, but the person saying it is Voldemort (I know, strange) so would he really care? Voldemort talks to others as if he's superior, so however that would go.

    Thanks again!

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    You're welcome.

    Well, as a student, Tom Riddle used the more formal and polite forms with his teachers, but he uses informal forms with the DE, but I'd consider it weird if Voldemort would say 'Sie' to anyone, because it would indicate respect and, as you said, that they're superior or at least equal to him. So, use the informal one.

    Nimm meine Hand und ich werde dich aus deiner Misere retten.

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    First of all, how do you say: "are you crazy?" in German?

    And another query: I heard some German today and I'm dying to find out what it means...of course, I can't spell German, so I'm going to spell it according to how I heard it...nobody laugh! "Shee Oouf." What's it mean? I don't even know if it's one word or two?

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