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Thread: Recommend your Favourite Pairing Challenge - Points Awarded!

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    Recommend your Favourite Pairing Challenge - Points Awarded!

    I thought it was time to give you all a new challenge and so I have decided to resurrect the ‘recommend your favourite _______ challenge’, started by Marauder by Midnight last year. The rules will be similar and points will still be available, though possibly not quite so many as last time. If you would like to see examples of previous challenges, please see the Hall of Records. In the spirit of February being the month of love, the first challenge is to recommend your favourite pairing.

    Most of us will have a favourite pairing, whether it be canon or non-canon, rare or common.

    So your task for this challenge is to recommend other readers your favourite pairing – to try and get those who would not normally read it, to ‘convert’.

    To enter this challenge, you need to do several things:

    1. Write a short paragraph introducing your pairing, why you like it and how you discovered it – so if it’s a canon pair why you decided to support it or if it’s non canon how you first began to consider it as a pairing.
    2. Find two stories (from any category) which you think portray your pairing well and write a review recommending others to read it. This review should not be the kind you would leave for an author, but should be aimed at another reader. Examples of things to include: why it is a good portrayal of your favourite pairing, how it affected your own views on the pairing, things about the story in general – is it well written, does it have a good plot, is the characterisation good?
    3. If you wish you may also write a drabble of no more than 500 words, giving your own portrayal of the relationship.

    Points are available as follows:

    Max of 2 points for the introductory paragraph.

    Max of 10 points for the recommendations.

    Max of 3 points for the drabble.

    That means there’s a total of 15 participation points available. I will judging on quality, detail, and sticking to the challenge. In addition I will award 5 points to the three people who I feel have done the best job in converting me to their pairing.


    • For an entry to be considered, you must complete at least tasks one and two. Task three is optional.
    • I am looking for good quality, well-thought recommendations – Maximum points will only be awarded to those who I feel have put an appropriate amount of effort into their entry. Examples of previous entries can be found in the Hall of Records
    • This is a place to celebrate your favourite pairing – it is not for you to ‘bash’ other people’s chosen couple – we all have our opinions. So for example, it is OK to say you like Snape/Hermione because you feel they share the same qualities but it is not OK to say you like Snape/Hermione because you hate Ron/Hermione and want to see Hermione end up with absolutely anyone but Ron.
    • All forum rules apply, including no off-site links, which means all recommended stories should be archived on MNFF.

    If you have any questions, please contact me through PM

    To enter, please use the following form:

    PHP Code:
    B]Introduction to Pairing:[/B]
    B]Recommendation One (including link):[/B]
    B]Recommendation Two (including link):[/B]
    The Challenge will close on the 28th February, at which point it will be closed and I will judge and award points.

    Have Fun

    Oh and I have one favour to ask of you - not everyone visits this forum so please spread the word throughout your houses in order to get as many participants as possible!

    Adrian won a QSQ! Thanks to Minnabird for the beautiful banner. Click on it to read Stolen Magic - the story of the second wizarding war through a very different character's eyes.

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    Name: harryginny4eva61 (Caitlyn)
    House: Gryffindor
    Pairing: Harry/Ginny
    Introduction to Pairing: My favroite pairing is definitely harry/Ginny. I started to see them as a pairing in the Fourth Book, after the little Yule Ball fiasco. I was disappionted about the Neville complication, but I just knew that they would be together. Then in Book Five Ginny was so brave and helpful to Harry that I knew Harry should be with her, not Cho. Book Six was my up and down book. Ginny going out with Dean (no!), Harry liking Ginny (Yes!), Ron being all protective and scary (no!), Ginny breaking up with Dean (yes!), Ginny and harry going out (perfect), and then Harry went and ruined it with his little noble self-rightgeous break-up. In Book Seven, I just wanted Ginny to be in it more. But in the end, I was satisfied. Harry/Ginny is one pairing in the Harry Potter universe that needs to be together in my opinion, no matter what.
    Recommendation One (including link): Incredible by: ginnyrulez13. link: I liked this story because it seemed to portray the way that Harry and Ginny were both so oblivious to the fact that maybe the other person liked them until after the Quidditch game. Also, it showed what Harry meant by how "It was like something out of another person's life" because there was no... worries. You could see how they were just so, calm and without worry.
    Recommendation Two (including link): No by ilovesnape link: I enjoyed this portrayal because it captured Ginny's fiery personality in the fact she was resistant at first instead of just running to Harry. I also think that it was also good at showing Harry's feeling of sadness that Ginny said no. Then, it accurately showed how Harry was able to get Ginny back because she loved him so very much. This was a very good story, and I think it kept things very canon and IC.

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    Name: harry4lif (Alyssa)

    House: Ravenclaw!

    Pairing: James/Lily

    Introduction to Pairing: When I first learnt about the Marauders, I didn’t really like Harry’s parents together. But then I started to think about it more and more, and I realized that they are meant for each other. They complement each other perfectly. While they might have quarreled during their years at Hogwarts, in the end Lily realized that she loved him. This pairing went through some hard times. I mean, who would stay together with someone when being with them could harm them? Some women wouldn’t. Especially since the man in question is a Marauder. This pairing has a special place in my heart because they went through a lot and they were still together in the end. They might have died before really living long, but at least they had each other.

    Recommendation One (including link): Lily and James: Their Story of Love by Secret Lily

    This story, by Secret Lily, is one of the most read fics on MNFF. It’s even listed in the top ten! But that’s not why I love this story.

    This story focuses on Lily and James for the most part, as well as the other Marauders. And though some things in it could be called clichéd, they have a new twist. The new twist makes it refreshing.

    The one thing that I really love about this story is that Lily and James don’t get together right away. Sure it’s not all that gradual, but even once they get together, they don’t stay together all the time. They hit bumps in the road. Bumps where Lily hates James, and when she doesn’t want to go out with him. You see her sometimes unsure when he does something that reminds her of those times when she wanted nothing to do with him.

    This story portrays what a relationship should be. Of course they love each other, but there are bumps in the way that they have to overcome. It’s the way that a relationship should be.

    This story is my favorite James/ Lily story. It captured me from the very beginning and found a special place in my heart. This story is really what a James/Lily romance should be.

    Recommendation Two (including link): Things Aren’t Always Black and White by padfootsgirl1981

    What I like about this story, is that they don’t put James and Lily together right away. The author builds up to it. She doesn’t automatically start with Lily thinking that she likes James. In fact, in the beginning Lily doesn’t like James and doesn’t listen to her friends, at all. She doesn’t even want to think of getting together with him. Especially when he pulls one prank that she thinks is absolutely awful. She goes and confronts him about it, enraged.

    But even then, she doesn’t get them together right away. She does it slowly. But eventually, they wind up together, with a few bumps in the road.

    This story has to be one of my favorite James/Lily fic because it goes slowly, and doesn’t have them getting together before the second chapter of it.


    It was a cool night. The sky was full of stars that lit up the sky. It was a beautiful sight.

    Lily was sitting by the shore of the lake, crying. James had just pulled a stunt that made her rethink their relationship. How could he do that when everything was going so well? Lily blamed herself, though. She should have never gotten involved with him, so that her heart couldn’t be broken. He was no good for her, and she knew it, but yet she had given him the benefit of the doubt. How stupid of her.

    There was a rustling sound coming from behind her, but she didn’t hear it. As soon as she did though, she turned around, wand in hand. If it was James she had every part of her body set on jinxing him. But it wasn’t James, it was a stag.

    As quickly as the stag came, it disappeared. Minutes later James stood in its place.

    When Lily saw him, she stood up and tried to wipe of her face so that James wouldn’t see her tears. She marched over to him and only when she was face to face with him she said, “I hate you, James.”

    She turned around and tried to walk away but couldn’t. James had grabbed her by the waist. Slowly, he turned her around.

    “I’m sorry, Lily. I shouldn’t have done that,” James said with shame. “But you shouldn’t hate me! I’ve changed Lily. I only did that tonight because he was insulting you behind your back.”

    Lily was about to rebut about how she had ever right to hate him when she stopped. Was James really telling the truth?

    “Why?” was the one simple word that Lily said before she leaned against James and softly began to cry.

    “I’m not like I used to be,” James whispered. “I’ve changed. You deserve better. I love you.”

    Lily looked up into James eyes, did he mean it?

    So softly that she wasn’t sure he heard she said, “I love you too.”
    342 words.


    Avvie by Ash/Radcliffefan07 and Banner by Evie/apollo13.

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    Oh, yay, I used to love these challenges.

    Name: Rachel/lily_evans34
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Pairing: Sirius/Lily
    Introduction to Pairing: Sirius/Lily is the sort of pairing that you can’t help but to roll your eyes toward at the mention of it. We all know that Lily married James, and this very fact is enough to turn some people away from alternative pairings for both Lily and James. It’s hard to remember when, exactly, I had first been introduced to the thought of Sirius/Lily, but, whenever it may have been – the promise of this pairing hasn’t left my mind since. The first time I was asked to write Sirius/Lily was for a story exchange. I had never attempted to write it before, so at first, the challenge did indeed prove to be more than I had anticipated. The very fact of the matter was that I didn’t know where to begin in the task of pairing characters together who were so different.

    But… are they really? From what we know of these characters, they’re both fiercely loyal toward their friends, shunned by certain members of their families. And even if the similarities between these two don’t stand out clearly, the ‘opposites attract’ maxim can always be employed. And would it not be more likely that Lily fall for a character like Sirius – impassioned and loyal like her, without the overwhelming immaturity of someone like James? While James was shouting ‘hey, Evans, look at me!’ why wouldn’t Lily be naturally more drawn to someone with a more level-headed exterior; someone with whom, it appears, she would have better chemistry?

    The thing that draws me to Sirius/Lily is that there’s so much room to be explored with these two characters. My first attempt at writing Sirius/Lily explored the ‘opposites attract’ element of this pairing, but at the end of the story, I, like certain readers, came to the conclusion that maybe the best romances are born from two people who aren’t soul mates at the surface.
    Recommendation One (including link): For Him by Indigoenigma [Kelly]. ‘For Him’ is my favourite Sirius/Lily story, because it takes into consideration what so many Sirius/Lily fictions forget: James. James was in love with Lily. Maybe not from the moment he saw her, sure, but at least for several years, he was very enamoured with her. In Kelly’s story, Sirius and Lily both knew this. And not only did Kelly include this element of the Sirius/Lily pairing – she made it the focal point of this story, so that the reader really and truly gets into both Sirius and Lily’s heads, and really understands every element and every complication to this relationship. Not only are Sirius and Lily real, teenage characters, trying to work through the difficulties of a relationship that they both need – they’re both startlingly and heartbreakingly real. Kelly writes Sirius and Lily in a way in which it’s hard to deny how much they need each other – how much this pairing just works. You can feel the pain and the magnitude of the decision that Sirius has to make in this story, and, while making him his own, vulnerable character, and highlighting his alliance to James, this story is remarkably canon, and could fit neatly into the back-story of the Marauders. That, to me, is one of the most gifted feats of the fanfiction author – to take something like Sirius/Lily, something we know cannot happen, and write the pairing so realistically, as though maybe it does have a place in Harry Potter after all.
    Recommendation Two (including link): Secret Boxes by megan_lupin. Unlike ‘For Him’, in which Sirius and Lily have an established relationship – ‘Secret Boxes’ considers their initial attraction for one another. Sirius and Lily meet while wandering out late at night, and they have a conversation about their lives, and secrets. Although their encounter is brief, it leaves the reader nothing to be desired, because, in a way, it embodies everything that a Sirius/Lily fic should have – a comparison and contrast between the two characters, them seeing each other past their initial stereotypes, and a mutual understanding of what it means to be understood. In this story, Sirius and Lily both accept that this relationship isn’t going to be a lasting thing, and for that reason, it only leaves the reader wanting more – wanting these two characters who so fully connect with one another, to be together. This story explores a different aspect to Sirius and Lily’s relationship than does ‘For Him’, in which Sirius and Lily need each other on a physical and tangible level. ‘Secret Boxes’ suggests that what these two characters have transcends physical necessities, and reaches out to the truth that everyone needs someone to understand their secrets, and that Lily and Sirius may just have that sort of relationship.

    Sirius yawned as he leaned back in the armchair by the common room’s fire, inwardly cursing the thought that Remus may just have a point: homework, in general, should be completed sooner than one in the morning on the night before it was due.

    His tired eyes scanned his Transfiguration textbook, hardly absorbing the words. If only he could clear his head – stop seeing her bloody name written between the lines on every page. It was enough to drive a person crazy.

    He couldn’t shake their last conversation from his mind. “Sirius, you know that what happened the other night… we can’t do that again. We can’t be together. I’m with James, now. He loves me.”

    He loves me. Not the other way around. Not that it mattered. She was his. James’. His best friend’s.

    Sirius rubbed at his eyes, but it only brought him images of Lily; her soft skin against his, her smooth red hair, clear green eyes. He wanted more than anything to be with her. Not in secret, where they used to pretend that a clandestine meeting now and then would be enough to satisfy any desire either of them had for a relationship.

    But he had made his choice, as she had made hers. They weren’t willing to betray James, and so, it would be easier not to see each other. Not now, not ever.

    Sirius stood up, letting his textbook fall to the floor, and stretched. He was exhausted, yet unable to face his dormitory. Not yet.

    He dug into his pocket, pulling out the note that he always kept there, creased so many times that the writing had begun to fade.

    I made a promise to James. We both did. I’m sorry, Sirius. I will never regret seeing you – I only wish we could have had a normal relationship, at least for a little while. But this is for the best. With love, Lily.

    With love. It was too easy to immerse himself in the implication of those words – in the promise of ‘maybe’ and ‘some day’ – and forget exactly what was keeping them apart. James. His best friend.

    He promised he wouldn’t resent him for it. He knew that he had to let go of Lily. For James. He would pretend that he hadn’t connected with Lily the way he had – that she didn’t understand him the way she did. All for James.

    Sirius shoved his book and his unfinished homework back into his bag, and retired for his dormitory, no longer able to be kept awake with his taunting thoughts.

    Some things just weren’t meant to be.

    He stuffed the note back into his pocket, tracing her signature before he did so.

    With love.

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    Name: Equinox Chick
    House: Hufflepuff
    Pairing: Remus/Tonks
    Introduction to Pairing:

    In the past my OTP had always been James/Lily but I stumbled (in the manner of Tonks)into Remus/Tonks when a song ran through my head that wouldn’t go away, until I turned it into a one shot. I don’t know why I came late to Remus/Tonks because she has always been my favourite character. Tonks is different to the other females we see in Harry Potter. She’s blunt, earthy and passionate. When she’s separated from Remus, she becomes depressed. There is a real sense of desolation about her. However, what I most love about this pairing is that it’s a very real, human pairing.They're adult when they get together and they have their problems. Obviously JK Rowling was writing her books for children so there’s no mention of sex (although snogging gets a good few mentions), but you cannot get away with the s-word when you think of Remus and Tonks. She got pregnant very quickly after they were married (infact it has been argued that she was pregnant before they were married). He walks out on her twice – but returns. Finally her love for him is so deep that she leaves her baby of three weeks to find him in the battle. Remus is such an intriguing character, too. As an adult we see him as a very controlled, quiet man. He is calm and organised. But there are always hints as to what lies beneath. He was a Marauder, after all, so wasn’t averse to some mischief, but he was also a werewolf – a being totally controlled by the moon, violence and passions. He rigidly controls this in his normal life, but Tonks breaks him down.

    Recommendation One (including link): A Little More Time by Pallas.

    What can I say about this fic? It is truly amazing. The main character is actually a grown up Teddy Lupin hoping he can save his parents. So, this isn’t a Remus/Tonks romance fic, as such. What this does do is show the very passion and love between his parents that I find fascinating. Pallas’ characterisation is second to none for this pairing. Both are perfect although I have to say her Tonks just edges it. Tonks is sublime. Rescued by her grown up son, she’s a mass of confused pregnancy hormones which only add to her extraordinary character. What makes the pairing in this so special is that you can see why they are together and it wasn’t just an attraction of opposites. By the way, you can also catch this on audiofics!

    Recommendation Two (including link): A Good Shag by DragonDi A totally different type of fic. This is funny. All the characters are beautifully drawn – Kingsley especially is a revelation. I love the idea that he sits at Grimmauld Place with Sirius enjoying a Butterbeer. Remus’ reserve and chivalry is once again the main focus but you see how easy it is to wind him up. Tonks is well characterised. This is set OOTP time and you can see the pairing tentatively take their first steps towards a relationship. The title suggests it will be crude, but it’s only Sirius who is crude. The ending is beautiful. Brilliant one-shot.


    Word Count -398
    Authors note - Totally new but this may end up somewhere in my fic.

    Tonks let herself into the basement flat and looked around. There were little signs of habitation but she knew Remus, and she knew where he would be. Tentatively, she placed her hand on the door knob but stopped before she turned the handle. Was this the right thing to do? she thought. Sudden doubts flooded her mind. Doubts that she’d refused to entertain, that she’d denied to her mother and father, but they were doubts that existed all the same.

    “Come on, girl, open the door,” she muttered to herself. She heard a sound come from the room and all doubts vanished. Remus was inside and she had to see him. Swiftly, she opened the door.

    She had seen him after a transfiguration before. The scars, not yet healed, would criss-cross his limbs, his back and his chest as he’d claw and bite his way through the black monster that lived inside him. She should not be shocked at this sight... but she was.

    “You shouldn’t have come.” He sounded resigned. “You don’t need to see this ever again.”

    “Why do you do this to yourself?” she asked, suddenly angry.

    “I’m a werewolf; I thought you knew,” he replied, his voice heavily loaded with sarcasm.

    Her eyes flashed angrily, but she didn’t want a row... not yet. “I mean, why did you lock yourself up here when you could have come home? I have healing balms especially for you, but here you have nothing!”

    He refused to look at her.

    “You arrogant git,” she spat. “Is this your way of atoning for everything? You think that by suffering like this you can make everything right again?”

    “You really don’t understand, do you, Dora?”

    Despite his weary tone she was heartened by his use of her pet name.

    “I understand totally why you left, you noble prat,” she whispered. “I know it wasn’t about Harry. It was about me and the baby and your fears, but for Merlin’s sake, Remus, I can’t take being apart from you again. I need you.”

    She sat down on the sofa next to him and slowly began to trace her fingers across a patch of skin on his chest, that had somehow missed being bitten or clawed at. Remus closed his eyes, luxuriating in her touch. He felt her draw nearer and knew it was only a matter of time before their lips met.


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    Name: inspirations
    House: Hufflepuff
    Pairing: Severus/Lily
    Introduction to Pairing:

    Severus/Lily is one of those pairings with unlimited scope. Well, maybe not 'unlimited'... But it's a pairing that is born before these kids even go to Hogwarts - if Severus hadn't fallen in with the wrong crowd, it would've stayed that way.

    I'm not personally much of a fan of most of the Lilys I see in the fandom [I find they come out fluffy, or like she won't accept James at all] - but I LOVE, love, love, the teenage/child adaptions of Severus we see. Some of them are hopelessly OOC, I will admit it. I've been rejected for OOC Sev - I know he's a difficult character to get, so I let little flaws go when I read him. Coming across a perfectly IC Sev is a rare occurence, but makes for great reading. I love watching how he matures, how he realises his love for Lily. I do find it slightly disconcerting when I find stories about eleven year old Severus in love with Lily - I find that difficult to believe, despite how mature he seems at that age in DH - but what about the ones set in forth of fifth year when Severus is trying to find a way to tell Lily how he feels? Come on now - it's against his nature. Severus is one of those characters that fully gets my attention. He's very intriguing - he's like one of those potions he's always shoving into vials and corking. How much do you reckon he bottles up that he never unleashes?

    My favourite Sev/Lilys are the ones that involve a physical and mental attraction from both sides, because watching how the two characters evolve to that stage is interesting. How do they curb the gap between 'friends' - or in some cases 'foes' - and 'lovers'? But, on the other hand, I also love the canon unrequited love from Severus. The heartbreak behind the strong emotions most authors pen him is fantastic.

    I don't know when I discovered Sev/Lily. I guess I just read one one day ... And I don't consider it non-canon, because there's evidence in the books of Severus being in love with Lily, even if nothing is said to have happened. I started supporting this pairing, generally because I didn't want to accept that Lily never realised that he loved her and because I found Severus' memories in DH really quite moving.

    Recommendation One: I cannot live without my soul! by Insecurity

    This story is beautiful! It is set just after Severus hears the prophecy and has passed it onto the Dark Lord. It portrays a Lily who's been having an affair with Severus behind James' back, and I found it quite believable. I won't lie - at first I didn't think much of Insecurity's Lily, but by the end she was more believable - by the end we'd seen her more fiery, passionate side. In fact, considering this is set over one night, I think both characters grow as they realise the significance of the choices they have to make by the end. The Severus characterisation is fantastic, though! This story gives reasons for why he is the character Harry knew [though it never says this directly], and it included his stronger traits - like his temper - though in not quite so much force as thirty+ Sev, which shows that these things get more pronounced over the years, i.e. without Lily.

    The story is also accompanied by flash backs and quotations from Wuthering Heights, which was authentic, heading every new scene. I never realised how much Severus and Lily have in common with Heathcliff and Cathy until I read this fic. Or they would if it was confirmed by canon that Lily loved Severus like he loved her, anyway. xD Also, there's an underlying current of desperation to this story, which I think is perfect for this pairing because of the limited time they have. And, of course, that limited time is a main focus of this story, so it's all the better with that undercurrent.

    Recommendation Two: To Be Loved in Return by pheonixflame

    You know I was saying about Severus being like a potion vial, haha? Well, this is the story that shows that. It is about Severus listening to James proposing to Lily, and it is desperately lovely. This shows the unrequited love side of the story. I get the impression that Severus never told her his feelings, judging by the narrative, which I find likely because I think Severus would find it difficult to be so open about it with her. If you know what I mean.

    The James/Lily that Severus witnessed is also nice, because it is quite romantic, which makes it even worse for Severus. That sounds awful, but you find the more angsty it is for someone, the more you want to read. Weird - I know - but that's how it is. Or maybe it's just me >.<

    Title: Hate?
    Word Count: 379

    ‘Lily…’ he whispered insistently; I could see his shadow pressed up against my window. ‘Lily, I’m sorry.’

    I pursed my lips tightly, determined not to speak to him. How could he even expect me to listen to his stupid apologies? That slimy boy had managed to really hurt poor Tuney’s feelings, and now she hated me as well as him.

    ‘Look, I know it was out of line - but she needed to hear it! You know she did, Lily, you know she did.’

    Unable to resist that, I wrenched open the window. He toppled onto the lawn, not expecting the glass to move.

    ‘Lily!’ he cried, scrambling to his feet and dusting the grass from his oversized, faded robes. His voice sounded slightly annoyed, but relieved, too. He ran back to the window, and pulled himself up onto the dirty sill. ‘Thank you, Lily. Thank you for listening and taking it.’

    ‘Taking what, exactly? I’m not taking anything,’ I spat at him. His face visibly fell, from what I could see in the dim twilight. ‘You really hurt Tuney, you know. She didn’t need to hear it! So what if her view of magic is slightly warped? It’s just because she can’t accept it.’

    ‘What can I do to make you be my friend again?’ he asked dejectedly. I held back a grin; I’d hurt him. Good.


    ‘Oh. Okay, then.’ His eyes shone - I half wanted to see the tears he held in fall - and a wave of guilt flooded over me, but I squashed it.

    ‘Goodbye, Severus.’

    ‘No, Lily. Not goodbye,’ he said almost desperately.

    ‘Goodbye,’ I repeated firmly.

    I slammed the window shut, but after a moment his hands were there, spread flat against the pane. His mouth was close to the glass, steaming it up, as he spoke quickly.

    ‘Lily. Okay - I understand, alright? You’re annoyed with me. But tell me you hate me before you tell me to go!’

    I hesitated a moment. Did I hate him? ‘If I say I hate you, will you leave me alone?’

    ‘If that’s what you want,’ he murmured, barely audibly.

    ‘In that case then…’ My voice froze in my throat; I couldn’t say the words.

    ‘Do you hate me?’ he prompted insistently.

    Looking back, I hope my introduction isn't too long. XD I hope it qualifies as ... uh ... short ...

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    Name: Bellaoc
    House: Gryffindor
    Pairing: Andromeda/Ted
    Introduction to Pairing:

    I just love Andromeda/Ted. It wasn't something I started exploring until recently. I read some wonderful drabbles involving them, and I just became really intrigued by all the possibilities. Because JKR never tells us exactly how they got together, we are able to use our imaginations. We only know that her family was prejudiced against Muggleborns and that she was disowned for marrying him. That’s part of why I love this pairing so much because almost all fics involving them are canon. I've seen some wonderful drabbles/fics about Andromeda/Ted and I really haven't found any that I don't like. With other pairings, I find issues and nitpicks about how the author portrayed the characters, but I've had a largely positive experience with Andromeda/Ted. I've always imagined Ted/Andromeda to have had a strong love, because if their love wasn't strong, she wouldn't have left her family for him. Basically, their story has so many possibilities. I've never come across an Andromeda/Ted story I haven't liked, and I think anyone who reads Ted/Andromeda should love it.

    Recommendation One: Worlds Apart by Cassie123

    This is a wonderful example of why I love Andromeda/Ted. First of all, Cassie is an excellent author, so the story flows really nicely. One of the first things that drew me to this story is that it doesn't jump immediately into Ted/Andromeda's love. In fact, it's about them taking time apart, which I think sets it apart from other fics.
    It's a WIP, but the first chapter already shows the struggle that Andromeda goes through as she chooses between Ted and her family. Andromeda is characterised really nicely, shown as a caring person but as being stressed by the situation she is put in by her family and her love for Ted.
    One of the things I dislike about certain Andromeda/Ted fics is the author will portray the only issues them come up against as being her family and their hatred for Muggleborns. But this story doesn't just introduce that problem, it introduces a new love interest for Andromeda, which adds another twist that I found really interesting.
    To sum up, I think it's one of the best examples of how an Andromeda/Ted fic should be and should be read by everyone, regardless of what their OTP is.

    Recommendation Two: Fractured Snow by Mistletoe

    This is another one of my favorite Andromeda/Ted stories. It's a bit angsty, but I think the characters are portrayed excellently. I like that it is from Ted's point of view, that gives us an outside look on Andromeda's thoughts and feelings. It's a one-shot, which presents the author with less time to tell their story, but it is so well-written. In the short length, Mistletoe captured the difficulties their love goes through, the reluctance of Andromeda to commit to a real relationship that isn't hidden, and the decision for the future of their relationship.
    One of the things I really liked about this story is that the part where Andromeda describes her family situation and the expectations of the Black family only takes up a paragraph or two. It's concise, but gets the point across really well. I dislike fics where they spend chapters discussing the barriers they face against the Blacks. We get it. The Blacks don’t like Muggleborns. I don’t think we need to harp on it. All in all, this story portrays a darker side of Andromeda/Ted's relationship, but is incredibly realistic and great to read if you love this pairing!

    Drabble: (410 words)

    Andromeda waited outside a crowded pub in the heart of London, her tall body leaning casually against the brick exterior. The wind floated gently through the street, blowing her dark wavy hair away from her face. She was dressed inconspicuously in a pair of light blue jeans and a wrinkled green t-shirt that looked like it had been pulled out of a suitcase. A group of rowdy men stumbled out of the bar, whistling and ogling Andromeda. She rolled her eyes and turned away, jumping back as she came face to face with another man who had been standing in the shadows.

    “Ted!” gasped Andromeda. “Merlin, you startled me.”

    “Sorry,” said Ted quietly, running a hand through his sandy blond hair.

    “I’m glad you came!” Andromeda exclaimed, throwing her arms around his neck. Ted winced and pulled away, pushing her gently away from him.

    “Ted, what’s wrong?” Andromeda asked, crossing her arms self-consciously.

    “Nothing,” Ted mumbled, looking away. “I just don’t understand why you asked me here. I told you, I can’t be with you unless you’re willing to make our relationship public. Are you willing to do that?”

    Andromeda sighed and glared at the ground.

    “Fine,” Ted said after a slight pause. “Goodbye Andromeda.” He shook his head and turned to walk away.

    “I told them!” Andromeda burst out. “I went home today and I told Mother that I loved you and if they couldn’t accept that, then they couldn’t accept me.”

    “You told your family about me?” Ted replied incredulous, turning back towards Andromeda. “What happened?”

    “It was a bit dramatic actually,” replied Andromeda, laughing bitterly. “Narcissa was crying, Bella started yelling about how I was a disgrace and Mother just stood there glaring at me. Eventually she told Bella and Cissy to leave. Then she pulled me into the study, stood me directly in front of our tapestry and proceeded to burn my name off. So I packed my things and left.”

    “Dromeda, I’m sorry,” Ted whispered, pulling her into his arms. “You didn’t have to do that.”

    “I know,” She replied, leaning back to look in his eyes. “But I wanted to. I can’t lose you Ted. I love you, don’t you know that?”

    “I love you too,” Ted said, gazing intently back at her. He leaned forward and brushed back a strand of her long dark hair. She sighed happily and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, and relishing in their reunion.

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    Rhi for HP
    Name: Rhi for HP/Rhiannon
    House: Slytherin
    Pairing: James/Sirius
    Introduction to Pairing: I first wrote this pairing when I wrote
    an extremely sappy Marauder-era fic that focused on Lily and James
    (another favorite pairing of mine). I decided to make it more
    interesting I would include Sirius loving James in an unreturned and
    unspoken manner. Well, I did so, and then decided I quite liked the
    pairing, actually. I always had liked slash, but never particularly
    Remus/Sirius. I wondered why more authors didn't pair Sirius and James
    together-- it's interesting and plausible, after all (friendship that
    becomes something more), and I think they're a cute couple. Canonically
    realistic, Sirius could have loved James (he never married or was
    involved, to our knowledge). Personally I like them when they actually
    get together, because unrequited love makes me oh-so-sad, but
    unrequited-Sirius-loving-James is more possible. James/Sirius is also an interesting and much different dynamic from Remus/Sirius. In the latter pairing, Remus is always sort of the weaker of the two, but in the former, they're both strong personalities and you've got to juggle that. Also, James has Lily to worry about (though that relationship is rarely looked at in-depth in the few S/J fics out there).
    Recommendation One (including link): A Cold Heaven by
    . One of the best fanfics I've ever read, and even if
    the pairing wasn't my OTP I'd say that. The writing is impeccable, sort
    of edgy and experimental but beautiful and deep as well. I have
    synesthesia, and when I read it I see greens and yellows in interesting
    patterns; that's my true test for an excellent fic, if the colors surprise me. The timeline is varied and wonderful, capturing little moments and utter heartbreak, and the second chapter when Sirius dies is a very unconventional portrayal of the afterlife. I cried at first reading, and probably at second too. So poignantly heart wrenching.
    Recommendation Two (including link):Ripped At the Seams by Azhure. Az is a fantastic writing, and possibly what I love most about this fic is her perfect characterizations (I snorted in disbelief when she emailed me to ask if some of her characterizations were okay or not!). Lily especially is masterfully done, in the way Az captures what a loving person she is (I can't stand it when she's depicted as the stereotypical fiery redhead with a temper quick to flare), even when her own heart's being broken. A especially interesting point in this fic rarely if ever explored in other Sirius/James fics is the Lily element. In fact, the fic sort of balances around the three players, Sirius, James and Lily, with James stuck in the middle and unsure. That was also interesting to me, because in other S/J's I've read it seems Sirius just watches from the sidelines and never gets much fulfillment or response in kind. Az has now written two chapters in her three-part saga and I am *anxiously* awaiting the final chapter. *cough cough*
    Drabble:I'll edit it in if I find time tonight...

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    The Challenge is now closed. Thank you to all of you for your entries. I will read and award points hopefully within the next week.

    Adrian won a QSQ! Thanks to Minnabird for the beautiful banner. Click on it to read Stolen Magic - the story of the second wizarding war through a very different character's eyes.

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    Hello! I have finished reading through your recommendations/drabbles and have come to post the points

    Username: harryginny4eva61
    Introduction: 2/2
    Recommendations: 6/10
    Drabble: 0/3
    Total: 8/15
    Comments: Your entry shows your obvious love for the H/G pairing and your feelings as you watched it progress through the HP series. However, I would have liked a bit more detail when it came to recommendations.

    Username: harry4lif
    Introduction: 2/2
    Recommendations: 7/10
    Drabble: 3/3
    Total: 12/15
    Comments: You introduced the pairing well and your drabble was a nice interpretation of the pairing. With the recommendations, it would have been good to have chosen fics that gave you different reasons for liking the pairing as both recommendations were very similar.

    Username: lily_evans34
    Introduction: 2/2
    Recommendations: 10/10
    Drabble: 3/3
    Total: 15
    Comments: You've obviously really thought about the pairing and how it could work and made me believe that a couple that you might not immeditately place together can work. You recommendations were good and you provided a different analysis for the way each was a good portrayal of the pairing.

    Username: Equinox Chick
    Introduction: 2/2
    Recommendations: 8/10
    Drabble: 3/3
    Total: 13/15
    Comments: You have clearly thought a lot about the two individual characters and why they are perfectly suited for one another. Your drabble showed a wonderful portrayal of both characters and of the relationship. It would have been good to see just a little bit more detail in your recommendations.

    Username: inspirations
    Introduction: 2/2
    Recommendations: 10/10
    Drabble: 3/3
    Total: 15/15
    Comments: Yes, your introduction is long, but you have done a wonderful job of presenting the pairing. Your recommendations are good and show two contrasting sides to the relationship. I thought your drabble was beautiful and really showed of the possibilities of the ship, particularly as friends, from such a young age.

    Username: Bellaoc
    Introduction: 2/2
    Recommendations: 9/10
    Drabble: 3/3
    Total: 14/15
    Comments: You presented your pairing well and gave reasons for liking it aswell as likes and dislikes in the way it is presented as a pairing. Both your recommendations and drabble are good and I think your love for this pairing came across in your entry.

    Username: Rhi for HP
    Introduction: 2/2
    Recommendations: 7/10
    Drabble: 0/3
    Total: 9/15
    Comments: You justified a non-canon pairing well, giving reasons it could work as well as justifying it from a characterisation point of view. Your recommendations were good, though with the first one, I would have liked a little bit more detail.

    Finally, there are 5 bonus points being awarded to each of the three people I felt did the best job in this challenge and those people are:

    lily_evans34 of Ravenclaw!
    inspirations of Hufflepuff!
    Bellaoc of Gryffindor!

    Congratulations to all of you! I had a really fun time judging this and reading more about the favourite pairings you all have!

    The following house points totals will be posted shortly:


    Bellaoc – 19
    harryginny4eva61 – 8
    Total - 27


    lily_evans34 – 20
    harry4lif – 12
    Total – 32


    Equinox Chick – 13
    Inspirations – 20
    Total – 33


    Rhi for HP – 9
    Total - 9

    Adrian won a QSQ! Thanks to Minnabird for the beautiful banner. Click on it to read Stolen Magic - the story of the second wizarding war through a very different character's eyes.

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