I thought it was time to give you all a new challenge and so I have decided to resurrect the ‘recommend your favourite _______ challenge’, started by Marauder by Midnight last year. The rules will be similar and points will still be available, though possibly not quite so many as last time. If you would like to see examples of previous challenges, please see the Hall of Records. In the spirit of February being the month of love, the first challenge is to recommend your favourite pairing.

Most of us will have a favourite pairing, whether it be canon or non-canon, rare or common.

So your task for this challenge is to recommend other readers your favourite pairing – to try and get those who would not normally read it, to ‘convert’.

To enter this challenge, you need to do several things:

  1. Write a short paragraph introducing your pairing, why you like it and how you discovered it – so if it’s a canon pair why you decided to support it or if it’s non canon how you first began to consider it as a pairing.
  2. Find two stories (from any category) which you think portray your pairing well and write a review recommending others to read it. This review should not be the kind you would leave for an author, but should be aimed at another reader. Examples of things to include: why it is a good portrayal of your favourite pairing, how it affected your own views on the pairing, things about the story in general – is it well written, does it have a good plot, is the characterisation good?
  3. If you wish you may also write a drabble of no more than 500 words, giving your own portrayal of the relationship.

Points are available as follows:

Max of 2 points for the introductory paragraph.

Max of 10 points for the recommendations.

Max of 3 points for the drabble.

That means there’s a total of 15 participation points available. I will judging on quality, detail, and sticking to the challenge. In addition I will award 5 points to the three people who I feel have done the best job in converting me to their pairing.


  • For an entry to be considered, you must complete at least tasks one and two. Task three is optional.
  • I am looking for good quality, well-thought recommendations – Maximum points will only be awarded to those who I feel have put an appropriate amount of effort into their entry. Examples of previous entries can be found in the Hall of Records
  • This is a place to celebrate your favourite pairing – it is not for you to ‘bash’ other people’s chosen couple – we all have our opinions. So for example, it is OK to say you like Snape/Hermione because you feel they share the same qualities but it is not OK to say you like Snape/Hermione because you hate Ron/Hermione and want to see Hermione end up with absolutely anyone but Ron.
  • All forum rules apply, including no off-site links, which means all recommended stories should be archived on MNFF.

If you have any questions, please contact me through PM

To enter, please use the following form:

PHP Code:
B]Introduction to Pairing:[/B]
B]Recommendation One (including link):[/B]
B]Recommendation Two (including link):[/B]
The Challenge will close on the 28th February, at which point it will be closed and I will judge and award points.

Have Fun

Oh and I have one favour to ask of you - not everyone visits this forum so please spread the word throughout your houses in order to get as many participants as possible!