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Thread: Rolf Scamander

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    Rolf Scamander

    Luna is one of my favorite characters, and I want to write her to the best of my ability. But it would be pretty hard to write about her adult life if her husband just seems like some faceless shadow figure inside my head. So, I'm starting a thread on Rolf to help me get better in touch with his character. I'll start this thread off with a few points on Rolf I have just started considering lately.

    How do you think he and Luna met? We know he was at least not in Harry's class, and it doesn't seem like he and Luna met in the common way of going to class together. What are some other ways the two of them could have met?

    How much older or younger do you think Rolf is than Luna? We have never heard him mentioned in the books (I have a feeling if he is able to handle Luna on a daily basis, he certainly could have handled being a member of the DA and facing off against Umbridge). I almost imagine him as never having attended Hogwarts at all, being on of those home-educated children because his parents were always traveling. The caring of magical creatures seems to be somewhat of a Scamander family business, so I feel like his parents would have been a part of it as well.

    But if he was at Hogwats, what house do you feel he would be in? What kind of student do you see him as? He certainly wouldn't be just an ordinary face to draw the attentions of Loony Lovegood. If he did go to Hogwarts, she would have at least see him from time to time.

    And as far as career goes, what kind of Naturalist do you see him as. I see him as a more organized type of indevidual who did most of the recording of Luna's discoveries. Do you see them working together as a team, or possibly each having their own specialties?

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    I've always thought that Rolf didn't go to Hogwarts, but a different wizarding school -- or as you said, he could have been home-schooled. My reasons are that Luna didn't marry him until later in life, and in the Lexicon it states that they both work together, so I'm assuming that they met through work.

    I've also thought that he is quite a few years older than Luna, although I don't have any basis for this thinking.

    Hmm, I think that if Rolf did go to Hogwarts, he would be in Ravenclaw -- my reason? I don't have one. I just think he would be in Ravenclaw. But I do doubt that he went to Hogwarts.

    With their relationship and whether they work together, for some reason I think that they both would work separately, and their relationship would be full of love, but they have an understanding that they don't have to be together all of the time, etc. And if one of them wants to go away for a few weeks on their own expedition, the other will be perfectly happy to stay at home. So I see their relationship as fairly free, but very loving.

    Hope I helped a little!

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    Given the fact that he was attracted to Luna, how do you see his personality? Personally, I don't see him being quite as eccentic as Luna is. I think he would be more of a stabling presence in her life. Merlin knows Luna has more than enough chaos for two people.

    What do you think their marriage is life. I don't see Luna getting married to someone just out of desire not to be alone and not unless she was really in love.

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    I think Luna and Rolf met either through work or some kind of after-Hogwarts school or training. I don't know about Rolf's age, there's no evidence for age at all. I really like the idea of him being home schooled, I definitely see the Scamander family as traveling around too much for school. He's never mentioned at Hogwarts, so placing him in Hogwarts wouldn't make sense. It's hard to think of a didn't-go-to-Hogwarts excuse, but his family is a good one.

    I think the House he would have been in is totally up in the air. That could even be a topic of discussion between them, if you go with Rolf having never attended Hogwarts.

    His role as a Naturalist is up in the air as well. Either a balance between them, or a partners-in-crime sort of relationship would make sense for Luna.

    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil_Med
    I don't see Luna getting married to someone just out of desire not to be alone and not unless she was really in love.
    I agree. I don't think she would fit the traditional wife role.

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    Padfoot Patronus
    I like the idea of Rolf being home-schooled as well. But it is easily established that the Scamanders were one of the well-respected and well-known wizarding family in nearly the whole of 20th century. Sending off their children to Hogwarts is considered a matter of pride and prestige among such families. I don't think Rolf's parents would've held him back from the standard school experience.

    He's never mentioned at Hogwarts because the books are Harry POV. Harry never noticed the absence of the two invisible Gryffindor girls least of all the grandson of a naturalist, and possibly older student.

    Also, Hagrid isn't your average professor to mention students with possible famous back in the subject (Slughorn, anyone?). So he may have been at school, and a senior to Luna, but missed out.

    - Akay

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    I've always thought that Rolf didn't go to Hogwarts, but a different wizarding school
    Oh good, I'm not the only one! In my fanon, Rolf went to Durmstrang where he was considered a bit of an oddball because he wasn't that interested in the Dark Arts and more interested in the rights of magical beings. He's also very intelligent, speaking Mermish and Gobbledygook.

    As for how he met Luna, in my backstory for him, I have him meeting her through Hermione. Hermione contacts him to discuss the plight of house elves - him being one of the few people who takes her seriously - and she eventually introduces him to Luna.

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    It's fair to assume that Harry might not notice Rolf. There are plenty of students that show up in the books whose names Harry does not know (I'm thinking of the few students who spent Christmas at Hogwarts in his earlier years in particular.) But, Padfoot Patronus, you're very smart in bringing up Slughorn. If Rolf went to Hogwarts he would have to be at least three years older or five years younger than Luna. If he were there during Harry's sixth year, with a grandfather like Newt Scamander, he would have been in the Slug Club.

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    Hmm, I like the idea of home-schooling Rolf. However, I think Rolf DID go to Hogwarts, but he was probably missed out. After all, there are hundreds of students at Hogwarts, and Harry doesn't know each and every one of them. We only know about the students from Harry's year. But if Rolf was senior, or even in Luna's year, and he was in another house to boot, it's perfectly natural that Harry wouldn't know him. I agree with Iguanarwhal and Padfoot Patronus. He would have been senior to Harry by at least 2 years, or they'd have met in the Slug Club.

    Personally, I think he was either a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff. I doubt he was a Slytherin or even a Gryffindor, for some reason.

    BirdG: I actually like the idea of making them meet through Hermione, and the thing about the house-elves.

    As for their relationship. I think Rolf loves Luna a lot, and he'd be very patient with her. I once wrote a drabble about them. You can find it here. After all, Luna has very weird imaginations, and Rolf would have to be very patient in order to handle her. So yeah, according to me, he's a really nice, kind person, who's very patient and tends to ignore Luna's odd imaginations.

    And as for their work, I can't see Rolf going on an expedition with Luna to find a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Probably Rolf actually deals with REAL creatures, whereas Luna works with her made up ones.

    Hope I helped!


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    Hmm... so what is the consensus? Is Rolf two years older than Harry or five years younger?

    Also, if Rolf was in Ravenclaw, do you think he was friends with Luna at school at all? Maybe even had a crush on her? *feels plot bunny forming*

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    I suppose it was always my opinion that Rolf was homeschooled. I could seeing him as always being carried along by his naturalist parents to some exotic location for hands-on lessons in the study of magical creatural, with everything else squeezed in whenever there was time.

    It also offers a bit of foreshadowing for what Rolf and Luna would consider in raising their twins!

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