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    Professor Quirrell

    Hi! I'm working on a fic where all of the characters are putting on A Christmas Carol. I know I want to use Quirrell in it, but I'm not sure if he should be "p-p-poor, st-stuttering P-Professor Quirrell" or the little nasty he turns out to be in the end of SS (PS). I'm leaning towards making him the wimpy one, but I wanted other people's input.

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    I'd almost think this was something old. If it were a fairly new development, I doubt people would find it funny enough to give him a nickname and tease him about it. Besides, the older students seem to think of him much the same way the younger students did, and they only know him as the teacher for the subject he taught in before (which many people say was Muggle Studies).

    Now I have another question for the thread.

    What house do you believe he was in as a Hogwarts student?

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    You mean like House?

    If yes, then I'd say Gryffindor. He's certainly brave, judging by his backstory - he may have been a coward to in a way, but I imagine him as a Pettigrew type.

    I can't imagine him as a Slytherin -- I'm not sure why.

    Hufflepuffs are loyal, and I don't think he was loyal to the school. Though you may interpret that trait a different way.

    Ravenclaws are intelligent, but I don't think a Ravenclaw would fall into Voldemort's trap.


    my 2 cents.


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    I had Gryffindor ruled out until I read your post inspirations. A lot of the seeming cowardice we saw may also have been an act. He did bring a troll into Hogwarts after all which took some courage.

    I wouldn't rule out Hufflepuff. I think that he was loyal to Voldemort and saw him as a great wizard. Also he saw himself giving the stone to Voldemort insead of keeping it for himself as his desire and in my opinion that requres loyalty.

    He may also fit as a Ravenclaw who saw knowledge as power and was swayed by Voldemort. However i can't imagine a Ravenclaw putting up with what Voldemort put him through. it may have been the case that he was afraid of dying if he didn't though.

    I had trouble seeing him as a Slytherin and I hate how they get all the bad characters, but I think that it is likely that he may have been a good Slytherin. He shows cunning with the troll and acting like a coward in order to get the stone. I also think that he said that Voldemort told thim that
    There is only power and those to weak to seek it
    , which implies ambition. However it does seem that he (at least pre Voldemort would have any trouble using any means to achieve his ends and I find it difficult to imagine a Slythein (except Bellatrix) choosing giving the stone to Voldemort over using it himself unless he saw that as the way to get Voldemort out of his head.

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