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Thread: Megan Jones

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    Megan Jones

    Megan is on the class list, in Harry's year, never mentioned in the books, and is a Hufflepuff.

    I have her as an Auror.

    What do you think she lookks like?

    What was her childhood like?

    Help, please!

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    Its kind of hard for anyone to just think up a childhood and appearance for someone elses story for a character we dont know at all. Thats sort of your job, as the writer
    How about you give us some ideas you have for her appearance and the backround and we can help you develop them from there?

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    ms. leading
    Well, as she's not actually in the books, can we really consider her a canon character at all? The lexicon says she is half-blood, but, essentially, she's pretty much an OC. You have the opportunity to do what ever you like with her, design her to be who you need her to be.

    No one can answer the question of what she looks like or how she grew up, because there is no evidence of her other than a name and blood-status. You're free to do what you want!

    If you'd like to develop her character further, perhaps try the OC forum? You should mention there that JKR provided her name in a class list, however.

    Hope I've helped.

    ~ Cassie

    Edit: Oh, well, I'm so sorry, Bine. I had no idea you'd told her.

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    Since Megan was created by Jo herself, she might be "usuable" like an OC, but she isn't an OC. That's why I told Wes to post this thread in the Minor Characters' section.

    I read an interesting article about the names Jo created for Harry's class mates. I'll have to look in the lexicon if I can find it. I'll edit this post then.

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    I don't know if it's still relevant for you, but I just found this thread, and I thought I remembered the name Jones from somewhere... And finally it sprang to my mind: Hestia Jones, member of the Order. She escorted the Dursleys, and the way she acts when she sees the Muggle stuff, she's not muggle-born. You could make her Megan's mother, I think there's some room for interesting story-spinning...

    Ooh what about Gwenog Jones by the way? Megan Jones, niece of famous Gwenog Jones, always gets free tickets for the Holyhead (sp?) Harpies!
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    I think the best way to figure out who Megan Jones is is to figure out who she is not. This way, the character you create can be based off of canon.

    For example:
    *Megan is not friends with Harry Potter, because she is never mentioned in the series.
    *Megan is not all that phenomenal at Potions, because she doesn't take NEWT-level. Ernie is the only Hufflepuff in NEWT-level Potions with Harry (this might kind of destroy your Auror theory... sorry. time to get creative and find a new profession or work around this fact).
    *Megan is most likely not active in Dumbledore's Army right at the start, because again, she is not mentioned. This does not preclude her from being involved in her seventh year, however, or even earlier.

    I think you see the method, here. I'd go through more, but it's the kind of nit-picky canon-research that kind of needs access to the books. I only have DH at my disposal, and it's your story anyway.

    Still, I hope I've helped, and I'll be poking around to see what else I can contribute.

    edit: and yes, this is me, responding, as it turns out, to someone who won't be reading this. still, I hope I've helped SOMEBODY!

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    At least until her fifth year, she's also neither Seeker, nor Captain of the Quidditch Team...
    She is also not a Prefect in her year.

    Hng, sucks that weasleywannabe seems to have abandoned this thread, but then again it gave me some ideas, and although I don't know when I'll write a Trio-Era fic, I just wanted to let you know that your efforts weren't in vain
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    I had not heard of Megan Jones before, but the reverse-thinking strategy suggested by greennotebook is very helpful, and not just for this character.

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    I think she'd either be related to Hestia Jones or Gwenog Jones.

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    She's a Hufflepuff, so she's going to be loyal and honest, maybe with a few character flaws. You have her as an Auror, so we know that she's going to be brave. She wasn't friends with Harry when they were in school (as mentioned above), but they'll be coworkers in the Auror dept.
    Hope this helps!

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