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Thread: Monthly SPreviEW Award

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    Well done, Jenna! -squishes- And well done Ari, Jen and Kelly, too! xx

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    Congrats Jenna! And YAY to Kelly, Ari, and Jen as well!

    Now I an go stare at Jenna's banner. Mmmmm.
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    Many congratulations to Jenna! Her reviews are always so, so, SO amazing.

    Also, the banner is quite amazing as well. Perfect.

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    Congratulations, Jenna! And Kelly, Ari, and Jen, too! You guys are all awesome.


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    jenny b
    Jenna is the Queen of SPEW for a reason. Congrats, dear.

    And well done to Kelly and Ari as well! Your reviews are always wonderful.

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    Congrats, dearest Jenna! No surprises there.

    Lovely work, Jen, Ari, and Kelly as well! You guys rock.

    -spewly squishes-

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    ms. leading
    Congratulations, Jenna, Ari, Kelly, and Jen.

    You guys write amazing reviews!

    - Cassie

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    Please don't mind our tardiness. I think everyone's been feeling that backlash from the advent of fall and the addition of school yet again for so many of us.

    Anyway... We have an award to give for the reviews submitted in August! Here are the finalists:


    And the winner is...

    -insert your drumrolls of suspense-


    Banner by our loveliest Anna

    Time to lavish you with some of the praise we've racked up for you:
    +Very in-depth review, with lots of fantastic praise, reasoning behind it, and all given in a professional manner.
    +This review was just wonderful and made me smile. The reviewer comments on both things that she liked and things that she thought could be improved upon, and used examples from the story to back up her points very well.
    +This review was really outstanding; it made me beam with pride for the reviewer. The reviewer gave very helpful feedback, using quotes to support their points. There were comments about characterization, plot, and canon knowledge, and I thought this really added to the review.
    +This was another review that addressed several aspects of the fic. Quotes from the story and reference to canon facts were woven smoothly into a well-written review. A very nice job.

    Congratulations to our finalists and our winner! You all were wonderful.

    And, to the rest of SPEW, thank you for writing such delightful reviews. We would've all quit evaluating if they weren't so good, you know. Well, not really. We'd still evaluate, we'd just detest doing it. But anyway, the point is that we really do enjoy reading the great and thoughtful feedback that is submitted every month!

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    Well done, Hannah! -squishes- Also good work to Leanne, Nikki and Jenna! xx

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    *squees* Thank you so much This has absolutely made my week! I still feel so new to reviewing so to get praise like this is truly wonderful!

    And I shall wear my banner with pride!

    Congratulations to Jenna, Leanne and Nikki - you're all fabulous!

    Adrian won a QSQ! Thanks to Minnabird for the beautiful banner. Click on it to read Stolen Magic - the story of the second wizarding war through a very different character's eyes.

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