Well, my wonderful and darling SPEWlies, welcome to a fresh start of the Review Award Committee. First off, I must introduce my wonderful team of Britt, Bine, and Haylee! These girls have done a wonderful job, and working with them is a treat. -grin-

Now, on to the truly exciting part...

After careful consideration of the reviews from SPEWers who turned in all of their reviews and monthly requirements on time, we came up with three finalits that we felt had given particularly thoughful, diverse, and helpful feedback in very constructive reviews. Those finalists are:


(You may have noticed that two people from the committee are on this list, but I would like to let you all know that we don't let committee members judge their own reviews, it's all unbiased in that way. We would never want it to be unfair because we love you all so much!)

There was discussion and comparison, but ultimately, the winner for December's Review Award is....


Banner by social loner


I promise it was so not my doing. I'm still blushing furiously over it!

Anyway, look in the next few days from some feedback from our comittee. Since better reviews make better writers - and we think it also helps US as reviewers in our monthly examinations of the work of others - the four of us thought it would be a good idea to come back to SPEW with a couple of pointers for how to improve your reviewing skills.