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Thread: Creative Ways of Stowing Wands

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    Creative Ways of Stowing Wands

    In the movies, and Makani's comics, and in many stories on the site, we saw that Lucius
    Malfoy hides his wand in a snake-headed cane. While maybe not exactly canon, the Harry Potter community has seemed to embrace the notion.

    What I wonder is, what are some other ways wizards could take to hiding their wands aside from just stuffing them in their pockets. You know people out there have got to have more imagination than that! Besides, if a wizard got into some trouble and the other person was trying to get their wand away, it would be greatly in their favorite to have their wand somewhere that might not be suspected.

    So any comments or ideas?

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    Well, there's always the buttock-blasting position in your rear trouser pocket...

    I think a good place to conceal a wand would be to have a holster strapped to your forearm, hidden by a long wizarding robe sleeve. The holster would have some sort of spring or a spell on it so when activated, the wand is rapidly pushed forwards into your waiting hand. This wand position would be very useful when duelling, allowing for an incredibly quick draw that doesn't require the wand being extracted from anything - it's just pushed forwards from the forearm to the palm of the hand.

    Another possible position is to have the wand tucked into a boot. Another place could be a special carrying case on your upper back, from where you extract your wand by reaching back into your hood.

    Tim the Enchanter

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    Amanda Vega
    You know how some people make twisty buns in their hair with chopsticks, but some people also do it with pencils?
    It's not so much a hiding place, but it's not expected - using a wand as a hair chopstick (and all credit goes to Hannah for that idea!).

    I've seen wands hidden in boots a lot - it would have to be a boot, though, as regular shoes wouldn't exactly hold a wand!

    Anywhere you can hide a weapon on your person - that is to say, banded mostly-flat against your stomach, up a sleeve of a looser-fitting jacket, strapped to an arm or leg.... the possibilities are endless, especially for wizards wearing robes, which are generally loose-fitting. If you're going to hide a weapon (in this case, a wand) somewhere on your person, you don't want it to be easy to see the indentation clothes make against it on your skin, and robes are loose enough that there are probably way more places to stash a wand than wearing normal clothes.

    If you're on the shorter side and you feel like wearing a Kentucky Derby hat, or even just a big floppy summer one, then it's probably possible to hide a wand underneath a large hat brim.
    That one's a bit out there, though....

    Then there's always the wand-cane!

    Along the lines of the cane, you could also stash a wand inside a hollowed-out umbrella (and I literally mean the handle of the umbrella is hollow...), a large enough water bottle or other drink container, the spine of a false book (these exist, they're pretty cool!), the hollowed-out bars of a larger animal cage, inside a musical instrument (flute comes to mind, as do clarinet, guitar, and harp), and so on and so forth. Of course, the chances of carrying most of these around on a day-to-day basis are slimmer.

    The possibilities are endless!

    EDIT: Aww, Tim must have posted as I was typing! Well, as you can see, there are some more recurring ideas xD and there are the ones that I've come up with rather randomly...

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    I would definitely go for hiding it in a boot. I have a fic where my OC hides her wand in the boots she wears everyday. Of course, this doesn't work for all guys, because most guys don't wear boots high enough to hold a wand, I suppose....
    There could be like a little wand pocket in a sleeve, like instead of an armband, it would just be an extra pocket inside a sleeve where you could slip a wand. This could also work in Muggle clothing, because if the wizard is out in London, they probably wouldn't wear robes.

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    When I saw this, I immediately thought of all those ladies in movies who tie their daggers to their legs with their garters. I suppose if you were really old fashioned and wore skirts and dresses all the time this could work.


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    Neville's Girl
    With the help of a . . . I apologize, but the name escapes me. In DH, Hermione casts that undetectable expansion charm on her bag. If you use that charm, you--or, more accurately, your character--could hide it just about anywhere! Pockets, coinpurses, fanny-packs (haven't run into many fanny-pack-bearing characters, but it works nonetheless). It occurs to me that you could do the same spell to a thimble and even use that to hold the wand.

    I'm not sure if it would damage the broom beyond usefulness, but a wand could quite easily be concealed in a hollowed-out broom handle.

    Not sure how many characters you could use this for, but a quiver could be a good place to hide a wand--provided you don't try to shoot things with it.


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    It seems as if a number of my ideas have already been mentioned. I automatically thought of a wand in someone's hair, and all sorts of mishaps could come of this. Actually, I'm using that in an upcoming fic I'm planning out.

    I'm not sure if this would work with our canon spells, but maybe a Disillusionment (I apologize for my horrid spelling) Charm upon the wand could be effective for hiding a wand. Maybe you'd need a variation from the one used on Harry, as a wand is only quasi-sentient, but it might work. Then you could carry it everywhere, Muggle areas or no. Though carrying something invisible may look somewhat odd. . . .

    I'll edit in or post again to add anything I might have missed. My mind is apperently running on 'low' right now. Too many essays have been written today, I guess.

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    Lady Juliet
    You could have someone else shrink it (shrinking your own wand might be a tad difficult) if you could conceal it in a wallet or a tube of lip gloss/lipstick.

    You could transform it into a pair of fabulously embroidered jeans, and speak spells, and make leg movements at will.

    Assuming that soaking wands in water does not damage them you could always soak you wand in water (or do some spell), and make it bend into a bracelet or necklace, or ring.


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    You could transform it into a pair of fabulously embroidered jeans, and speak spells, and make leg movements at will.
    Hm, is it even possible to Transfigure a wand? It would certainly have a great use to the Order if that were possible. And would Transfigured wands still be able to cast spells?

    But these are some great suggestions, you have all been a great help!

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    Lady Juliet
    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil_Med
    Hm, is it even possible to Transfigure a wand? It would certainly have a great use to the Order if that were possible. And would Transfigured wands still be able to cast spells?
    You can repair wands, so I could imagine you could transfigure one, it would probably be really advanced magic though.

    As to casting spells, maybe it would be more difficult to cast spells, and potentially dangerous? I can see havoc coming from the pants I mentioned. You accidentally jiggle your leg and suddenly your math teacher turned into a frog, um awkward.

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