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Thread: Reference to Lily being kind

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    Reference to Lily being kind

    Out of the seven novels, there is someplace where Dumbledore, I think refers to Lily when talking with Harry. He tells her how kind Lily was in nature and always willing to help.

    Somehow I believe I'm not imagining this context. A plot bunny came over my way, and its survival could depend on that part of Lily's character. Since I only have my fifth and seventh both with me, I'd be glad if someone could post over the exact dialogue, with the book and chapter reference.


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    I'm not sure about this.

    Dumbledore tells Snape that Harry's deepest nature is like Lily's but I can't recall a scene where anyone tells Harry how kind Lily was.

    However, there is a scene in the movie of POA where Lupin is singing her praises about how thoughtful she was, perhaps you're thinking of that.

    Unfortunately, that's not canon.


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    Dumbledore does talk about Lily in the books (DH), but like Carole said, it was to Snape and he was telling him that Harry is more like his mother. Well, I don't believe there is anywhere in the books where Harry is told directly that Lily was kind. We just assumed it from the stuff we learned about her such as: 1) She gave up her life for Harry's. 2) She was praised by many teachers such as Dumbledore and Slughorn. 3) She always used to stand up for Snape against James.


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    Actually, guys. I'm not sure where, as I don't read the books often, but I am pretty sure there is something there calling her 'kind'.

    I'm not sure why, but it really does ring a bell, and I'm positive someone said it about her, but I may be wrong. [Shrugs]

    However, sorry if I am.


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    Lex, maybe you are confusing the books with the movies because they mentioned a lot in the movies of people telling Harry how amazingly kind his mother was. For example, Lupin says in PoA (the movie) how Lily would put everyone before herself but I don't think it was ever mentioned in the books.


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    *smacks her head*

    Thats it, now I remember! Its the movie. Thanks Riham

    Well, now that clears it, thanks to Carole and Lex as well.

    - Akay

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