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Thread: Percy Weasley

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    Well, who's to say that he didn't tell his parents? Perhapes Molly is just a really good actor?

    But, to be honest, a spy that goes around telling everyone that they are a spy is just asking for trouble, so keeping himself safe would be a very big reason for keeping his mission to himself.

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    Vorona - although I moved off my story for a year, I do plan to come back at some point. I work from a similar viewpoint (although in my story, Percy's fight with his parents was real, but he comes around later). I think you're right about Percy not being so much emotionless as having buried his emotions.

    As far as not telling his family, I don't think Mrs. Weasley is a good enough actress to have that information. If he's working for Dumbledore, I think Dumbledore would have told him to publicly break ties, both to protect his family and to add authenticity to his cover.

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    Thanks, Amber and Ronny -- I was hoping that there would be a good reason for him not to tell them, and I think you're right that Mrs. Weasley would never be able to pull it off -- at least not long-term... She'd be all worried about him and slip up. I also like the part about protecting his family...

    Good ideas.

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    How do you think Percy feels about the Malfoy family? Does he hate them the same way his mom and dad do?

    How do you think he would react if his daugher befriended a Malfoy? Would he try and forbid her from seeing the Malfoy again? Or would he logically listen to his daughter's persuasion?

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    Well he certainly doesn't have the same feud that Draco, Harry, and Ron do. In the second book, Draco did ignore him and his prefect status, which of course, irritates him. Also in the second book, the brawl that Arthur and Lucius get in, might infuriate him. He doesn't really have a specific reason to hate the Malfoys, but he would advise his daughter to stay away. It depends, is Percy trying to control the daughter, or is he trying to let her make her own desicions? Either way he wouldn't be happy about it, but whether or not that he would demand she stay away depends on him.

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    How do you think Percy feels about the Malfoy family? Does he hate them the same way his mom and dad do?
    Percy seems to have changed all his opinions about everything in Book 5. I'm sure in the past, he would have agreed with his parents of that fact that the Malfoy family were scum, but these ideas more than likely changed after his self-transformation. The Percy of Books 5, and 6 more than likely respects the Malfoy family, because they are wealthy, influential, and friends with Cornelius Fudge--Percy's idol. Percy was a power hungry youth just looking for anyway to separate himself from his family, and becoming friends with anyone who was against them would have been the perfect way to accomplish that.

    Now, Percy seems to be coming back into the light. At least he is speaking to his parents again, and making some sort of effort to visit them, even if it is not totally heart-to-heart. I still don't believe that Percy hates the Malfoy's because he is still going through his transitional stage of coming from the Darkness into the Light, in a manner of speaking. He is probably torn on the issue because he wants to dislike the Malfoy's, because he knows what they do is wrong, but at the same time he doesn't want to sacrifice his position or life by going against them.

    How do you think he would react if his daugher befriended a Malfoy? Would he try and forbid her from seeing the Malfoy again? Or would he logically listen to his daughter's persuasion?
    No. Not at this point, because like I mentioned above, Percy does not hate the Malfoy family, or at least outwardly he doesn't seem to dislike them. As I said before, the Malfoy's have money, connections, power, and the ability of persuasion----much like the Dark Lord---would you want to be caught trying to revoke the Dark Lord's wishes? I think that Percy would allow his daughter to see a Malfoy. Percy has an unpredictable personality---he knew Harry for several years and turned on him in a second in Book 5---so you could pretty much have a free reign when it comes to determining his reaction.

    If his daughter was unlike him, I can see him trying to forbid her to see a Malfoy, especially if that Malfoy was a "blood-traitor" (assuming Percy still dislikes his family at this point). Percy is a person who never likes to be wrong, embarassed, demoted, or placed in an unfavorable setting in any way, especially if it could damage his career. He is very protective of that, so maybe he would try to prevent his daughter from forsaking her career for the Malfoy.

    These are just my thoughts of the moment and I hoped I helped!


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    It's hard to say... I don't necessarily agree about Percy... I think there is more beneath the surface than what we see of him. Yes, he comes across as a pompous, arrogant person who has to be right all the time and also who is highly ambitious... Yet he was Sorted into Gryffindor, so he must have some Gryffindor qualities. I think he deeply loves his family and cares about them a great deal. I also suspect that he would be overprotective of his daughter and probably wouldn't want her hanging out with the Malfoys. It's one thing to respect their influence, and another to send his daughter into a den of dark magic users (regardless of their connection with the Death Eaters).

    Also remember that Lucius was *arrested*, so he's clearly not going to be seen in any kind of respectable light by the Ministry at this point in time.

    I think he probably had to get used to Malfoy in order to deal with him in the Ministry, but I doubt he ever really liked him. I also think that a lot of his not going back to his family had to do with thinking they wouldn't take him back, rather than being too proud to ask.

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    I see Percy as the kind of person who lets work come a little before family ties. So i would think that he does not share the same hate of the malfoys that his mother and father have.
    However when it comes to Percy letting his daughter date a malfoy i would say he would not be pleased more controlling ang listing all the cons to his daughter.
    It also depends on the status of the malfoys at the time. If they are disregarded and hated he would not allow his daughter to date, as it would give him a bad name. I hope that helps!

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    I am completely clueless when it comes to British geography. Can anyone think of a particular region or city that they think Percy would want to live in?

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    I would think that Percy would live in London or in the immediate vicinity. Percy takes his job at the Ministry of Magic (whatever it actually is) very seriously, and I believe that he'd want to live very close to his job. Furthermore, I can't really see Percy as someone who'd live in the countryside like Bill at Shell Cottage - he's more of an urban person.

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