Okay, I'm fairly certain Percy doesn't have his own thread running around somewhere, and I don't think he qualifies as a minor character, so I am now (for the first time) starting my own thread.

I see Percy as the "what if" version of Hermione. What if Hermione hadn't fought that troll with Harry and Ron? She could have become like Percy. If Percy hadn't broken ties with his family, he would have been more like Hermione: following rules only until it conflicted with his loyalties.

I do actually have a question buried up there. I'm in the middle of a fic where Percy meets someone he inherently trusts. He can objectively state that he has no reason to trust the person, although he has no reason to distrust the person either. Would he go with that feeling and confide in that person, or is he too logical to follow his instincts?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.