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Thread: Sitara- Available for [Marauder Era/ Lily James] Only

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    Oh gosh, sorry! I hadn't seen this post. If you still want me to do it, I don't mind, but it's find if you go ahead and get someone else.

    words were never so useless
    (as those you have just read)

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    No, it's fine. I've found another beta, so don't worry about it.

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    Kate Skeffington
    Hi Sitara !

    Name: Kate Skeffington here and Mila Zakharov on MNFF. You can call me Mila.
    Title of your Story: "I Solemnly Swear: A Marauder's story"
    Genre: Marauder era
    Pairings: Lily/James & Sirius/OC. The plot's actually more focussed on an OC but it has plenty of Lily/James goodness in it!
    Rating and Warnings: Character death, DH spoilers, sexual situations, substance abuse, violence.
    Word Count: 7526 in the two chapters already on roughly 350-400 per chapter.
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chapetered.
    Turnaround time: A week or less is great!
    Permanent? : Yes...maybe. You see, I've realised don't stick to betas as long as I'd want to. I've been on hiatus since, I don't know...more than a year probably because of Uni and life in generak and by the time I get back to writing and updating I've forgotten who my beta was and I start searching all over again. So permanent at least until March (I live in South America an dmy summer vacations last until March)
    What is your story about?: It's a growing up in rough times sort of story, focussed on my OC. So there's romance and its pains, school, figuring out what she wants to do with her life after Hogwarts, and the first war. I tend to write from multiple point of for instance, I'll write the first part of a chapter form my OC's p.o.v, then switch to Lily's, or James or Sirius'.

    The course of true love never did run smooth. James' infatuation with Lily is driving him–and his friends–insane! Peter accuses the fiery redhead of being cold-hearted, Remus suggests growing-up and Sirius won't stop bickering with Tabitha while coming up with plans that turn out for worse! Add to that romantic tribulations of their own, lycanthropy and the imminent rise of the dark arts and you ought to find more than just a bit of mischief and mayhem.

    Follow Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs through their last two years at Hogwarts, were merlin-knows what they will get up to! Ragging hormones, danger, grief and love are one of the few things they'll face and, of course, let's not forget about pranks. After all, that's why the girls at Hogwarts sigh, the teachers swear and Dumbledore just chuckles.

    Hope I hear from you soon!

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    I'd love to!! I'll PM you my email address


    words were never so useless
    (as those you have just read)

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    UserName: Ariana
    Story: The Marauders and the Draught of the Living Death.
    Genre: General Marauder
    Ships: N/A
    Rating and Warnings: Some mild violence
    Word Count: 2266 (Chapter 1)
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered (but only first chapter anywhere nearly good enough as of yet)
    Expected Beta Time: Up to you
    Permanent Y/N: Yes, if that is okay.
    Summary: First year of Hogwarts for Marauders. On top of discovering that one of their number is a werewolf there are also many cases of people falling into comas from which they cannot be awakened. The Marauders are convinced that Snape is somehow behind this and, with little regard to the school rules, they set out to catch him.

    I first started writing this about nine months ago since then real life got in the way. The first chapter was very kindly betaed for me by two people who are now unavailable. It was rejected on the grounds of poor grammar so I would like it if you are able to pay special attention to this especially taking out my long rambling sentences.

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    Name: rachelnotrach
    Title of your Story: untitled
    Genre: Marauder Era
    Pairings: Lily/James
    Rating and Warnings: none currently
    Word Count: currently1645 and growing
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Turnaround time: no longer than three weeks to a month, but shorter is always welcome
    Permanent? : yes
    What is your story about?[/I] It's a work in progress. Time line wise it starts halfway through Lily and James' sixth year. They're friends, that's it right now. She and her friends have gotten over their problems with James and his group having realized that most of their problems with them were caused by misunderstandings and poor first impressions. The story itself starts with Lily going to the train station after spending Christmas at home with her parents and Petunia. She and Petunia have a huge fight (or at least it is supposed to be huge) and Lily finally gets up the nerve to tell Petunia how she feels and tell her parents she doesn't want to come home. The story will include a summer at the Potter's with the entire gang, their seventh year and a proposal. Mix in some fight scenes and you have my basic premise for the story.

    I just started this story and was going to wait until I had a couple chapters done before looking for a beta, but I have realized it is already very dialogue heavy and I really need someone to look over it and to bounce ideas off of. The reason it is so dialogue heavy is because of the point of view, which I'm not sure is working any more. So it needs a lot of help, so I can understand if you are not willing to take it on. But I hope it will eventually be good, so let me know!

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    Hello Sitara!
    It says you're available, so I decided to drop by!

    Name: Sagen on both.
    Title of your Story: Er, I don't have one yet. In fact I didn't even think of this.
    Genre: General, Marauders Era.
    Pairings: None.
    Rating and Warnings: Sadness - um, sort of.
    Word Count: 1006.
    One Shot or Chaptered: One Shot.
    Turnaround time: It doesn't matter. Soon would be nice, but I'm not going anywhere.
    Permanent? : Maybe, I dunno.
    What is your story about? This is a story I did for my MWPP homework, only longer and waaaaay better! It's about Remus' transformation when he is little and what he feels/goes through.


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