About Me

My name is Sitara. I've been beta-reading since August 2007 and became PI Accredited in January of 2009, I believe.

I'm sixteen years old, but I'm pretty experienced, having beta-read over fifty stories or so.

I love Marauder Era stories, and all stories involving Lily/James and one of the central plots.

I've no prejudice against many of the so-called 'clichéd' Lily/James stories; in fact, I love them too!

So take a peek below to see whatever needs be seen and you can post below and let me know if you'd like to work with me.

-> I will beta:

[x]Marauder Era

as well as absolutely all stories which contain Lily/James plots.

Notes on Romance:

->I will beta:

ONLY Lily/James

as they are simply made of love.

However, if you story contains ships other than L/J, but L/J is still present, I'd be glad to take it on. However, no Snape/Lily

On Ratings:
All ratings are fine.

On Warnings:
[X] Slash is fine, but just not as a predominant part of the story. I don't know how much help I could be to you for characterization of slash, though.
[X] No Non-consensual Sex
[X] No Student/Teacher Romance
[X] No Self-Injury

So basically...

I will only beta stories that are Marauder Era or have Lily/James in it. And the Marauder Era could have a little sprinkle of Lily/James, too, that would be lovely. Basically, I'm a nutter for Lily/James stories, and those are the ones I want to beta

Strengths and Weakness
[x] Grammar
[x] Word usage
[x] Sentence flow
[x] Characterization

[x] Briticisms

[x] Recommendations: 1 2 3 4
[x] I've taken Colores' beta readinging class at both Basic and Advanced levels.
[x] I've beta-ed over 70 stories to date
[x] PI Accredited: PI:5604525696
[x]PI Profile

Turnaround time: I'll definitely try for less than a week, but definitely not more than two weeks.

Style: Comprehensive and friendly, with a LOT of comments

Method: Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

Some Stories I've Beta-ed:

1) Yule Ball 2022- A Huge Success by Afifa
2) Getting Across by Padfoot_Patronus
3) Sirius' Serious Squirrel Problem by The Scribbler
4) A Forgotten Name by Black_Dust
When I find more, I'll update!

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