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Thread: Lost and Found V

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    Title or What You Think the Title is: No idea
    Time Period: during or after DH
    Category: either h/g + r/h, h/g, or general
    General Plot: It is a rather long story. Ginny has a plushie named Snot because her brothers teased her saying it was a baby toy and she would say "it's not", mispronouncing it as "snot". At the end, they stay at a beach house owned by Tonks's family. There is a rather sexual scene twards the end where Harry has to turn the plushie around because he can't stand it "watching them". The plot is oh so fuzzy, it has been years since I have read this story.
    Author: I can't remember, sorry!

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    What you're looking for is called Potter's Charm by Secret Lily.


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    Simply Being
    I have two fics I'm looking for!

    Title or What You Think the Title is: Wish I knew!
    Time Period: It was definitely written pre-DH.
    Category: General, I think
    General Plot: It was a one-shot centered around Ginny and Harry going to a Muggle amusement park/carnival. I think I remember Harry being elated to feel like a normal kid. It was also pure fluff. Sorry, I can't remember much more than that.
    Author: Can't remember!

    Title or What You Think the Title is: Again, no idea
    Time Period: Written before DH
    Category: General?
    General Plot: This fic was about a group of five children who were destined to save the world. Harry was one of the five. The first chapter was a prophecy about the five, and referenced Harry as the "Boy who Lived"
    Author: Wish I knew.

    EDIT: Thanks Elf, I'll give it a try!
    DOUBLE EDIT: I found the first fic I was looking for. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out with the second!

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    Title or What You Think the Title is: Not a clue.

    Time Period: It was... maybe around fifth or seventh year, Trio era.

    Category: D/A... possibly. I'm not even completely sure I read it on this site.

    General Plot: I *think* it was a Ginny/Draco. Draco, for some reason or another, moved in to the Burrow. The only specific scene I remember is Draco sitting under a tree, lamenting on his location.

    Author: Haven't the faintest.

    I know that's basically no details, but there can't be many stories in which Draco lives at the Burrow - in his teens, no less. It was one of the very first fanfictions that I read... perhaps even the first. Oh, Oh! I remember the author saying that she had written before DH was out in the summary, if that helps any thing.

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    Simply Being this is hardly it, as the amusement park is just a cover but it is as close as I can find.

    Just for Fun
    Author Peace Love Potter
    Category: Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny
    When most of your teenage years are spent defeating dark wizards, or saving loved ones there’s not a lot of time to party. But if you’re Ginny Weasley there’s always a way, or a scheming plan. So for one glorious night, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are breaking all the rules. Beware this story includes best friends, crazy clubs, deserted beaches, margaritas, a horny hotel clerk, confused feelings and massive amounts of wild, outrageous fun!

    This is my take on what should have happened between the summer before Harry’s (nonexistent) seventh year. It takes place on couple of nights before the wedding. So there is some AU, obviously being that they didn’t go out partying before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. But otherwise it flows with the series.

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    Title or What You Think the Title is: No idea
    Time Period: Harrys out of school I think
    Category: Harry/Ginny
    General Plot: Ginny is pregnant but using a spell to hide it and has to relive the last 9 months of her pregnancy again by use of time turner...
    Author: No idea

    Title or What You Think the Title is: No idea
    Time Period: Second War
    Category: Hermione/Draco
    General Plot: Draco is hiding out at Grimmauld Place...that's as far as I got, it was incomplete in like 2007
    Author: Don't know
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    Title or What You Think the Title is: I really don't know.
    Time Period: the trio's children are at Hogwarts.
    Category: Next Gen
    General Plot: It's a next gen and on of the scenes i can remember is where James and Albus throw and elaborate prank involving James snogging Albus' girlfriend, they fight and Ginny and Harry are called into school where Albus 'kills' James. But because they swapped the wording in the curse, James is only knocked out.
    Author: I can't remember.

    I would thank anyone so much if they found this fic!


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    Title or What You Think the Title is: Er... I though it was something with a window, however, I just searched 'window' and it wasn't there...
    Time Period: It spans a lot of time
    Category: General
    General Plot: I think it starts out with James and Lily, who have died. I think they're in some sort of meadow where the dead congregate and they are watching Harry's life. Eventually Sirius, Dumbledore and Lupin join them as they all hang together. The part that really sticks out is when it's time for the final battle, James, Lily, Sirius and Lupin leave to see Harry. When they get back, Lily's crying and saying that she's proud of Harry and she wishes she could have stayed with him. Another thing I remember is when Snape shows up and Lily goes alone to talk to him as everyone else is watching the battle.
    Author: ... No idea. Sorry.

    Thanks :]

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    Title or What You Think the Title is: I can't remember for the life for me
    Time Period: It was set in his sixth year or something? I can't be sure.
    Category: General i think...?
    General Plot: It started during the summer and Harry was in an alley being attacked by a Death Eater. Just as he is hit by the Killing Curse, Harry stepped backward out onto a street and got hit by a car. His last thought had something to do with Snape and a Potions essay he hadn't completed. He became this sort of ghost that followed his body being taken away by Dumbledore and McGonagall and others but no one could actually see his "spirit". Until he reached Hogwarts and he ran into Snape who was the only one who would see him. It had something to do with an ancient form of magic and Harry's last living thoughts being related to Snape in particular.
    Author: Not a clue.

    I read this years ago i think so I have no idea what it was called anymore sadly. If anyone could help me find this, I'd be most thankful!

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    Title or What You Think the Title is: Umm... No clue, sorry.
    Time Period: Right after the last book.
    Category: No idea.
    General Plot: Harry gets a sandwhich and then starts attending funerals and things and ambushes death eaters before they ambush them..... They use a permanant sticking charm to the DA coins on the graves....
    Author: Don't know...

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