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Title or What You Think the Title is: Er... I though it was something with a window, however, I just searched 'window' and it wasn't there...
Time Period: It spans a lot of time
Category: General
General Plot: I think it starts out with James and Lily, who have died. I think they're in some sort of meadow where the dead congregate and they are watching Harry's life. Eventually Sirius, Dumbledore and Lupin join them as they all hang together. The part that really sticks out is when it's time for the final battle, James, Lily, Sirius and Lupin leave to see Harry. When they get back, Lily's crying and saying that she's proud of Harry and she wishes she could have stayed with him. Another thing I remember is when Snape shows up and Lily goes alone to talk to him as everyone else is watching the battle.
Author: ... No idea. Sorry.

Thanks :]
Ayra, try this one, I think it may be what you are looking for:
The Best Luck of Us All by mudbloodproud, bellaoc

Summary: Chuckling, Sirius said, “Well mate, looks like you had the best luck of us all… in the end.”

No one intends to be murdered. Everyone thinks they will live forever.

James Potter was no exception. But he was murdered. Now he was forced to stand and watch along with Lily, and others who were killed as his son faces the same fate.

He may come to realise dying is not all bad luck.

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Title or What You Think the Title is: Something like 'Joking for Dummies'
Time Period: Pre-Harry @ Hogwarts
Category: Humor
General Plot: Fred and George find a book written by an author JPRLSB or something. The book details many pranks (basic to advanced) which these three authors (the marauders) did. Through the story, it switches between the book's account and Fred and George expanding on the same theme.
Author: No idea at all.

As I said, these are both really old. I read them ages ago, which makes my memory hazy and the chance of finding them far smaller. Good luck to anyone who tries to find them!

Anne, I believe this is the one you are looking for:
A Gryffindor Tradition

Summary: It’s April Fool’s Day at Hogwarts, and three generations must uphold a Gryffindor tradition.