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Thread: Lost and Found V

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    Aimay: What you are looking for is Grave Days by Northumbrian.

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    Hmm.... no idea if either of these stories will be able to be found, I have a feeling they've been removed (maybe they're too old?)

    Title or What You Think the Title is: 'Symphony of a Quartet' or something
    Time Period: Marauder's Era
    Category: Marauder's Era
    General Plot: Story of the of the four friends. I think that at the end of the first year Dumbledore and McGonagall look out of a window at them, and Dumbledore gives the title quote.
    Author: No idea
    Extra Notes: I feel like there was a second year, where Lily accidentally dies her hair green (instead of black or brown or whatever). I believe that these are both in the same overall story.

    Title or What You Think the Title is: Something like 'Joking for Dummies'
    Time Period: Pre-Harry @ Hogwarts
    Category: Humor
    General Plot: Fred and George find a book written by an author JPRLSB or something. The book details many pranks (basic to advanced) which these three authors (the marauders) did. Through the story, it switches between the book's account and Fred and George expanding on the same theme.
    Author: No idea at all.

    As I said, these are both really old. I read them ages ago, which makes my memory hazy and the chance of finding them far smaller. Good luck to anyone who tries to find them!


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    **plotbunnies**, here is the first story you were looking for: Symphony for Quartet

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    I really hope this thread is still read by people! ::crosses fingers::

    Title or What You Think the Title is: No idea
    Time Period: After the trio has graduated from Hogwarts
    Category: Probably alternate universe/dark/angsty maybe. Or a Harry/Other character romance.
    General Plot: It's definitely alternate universe because even though Harry defeats Voldemort, he is so traumatized by some of the things he had to do, that he runs off to America. He ends up marrying a woman named Sara (who has no idea he is a wizard) and they have two children. The truth comes out when his daughter turns out to be a witch and decides to go to Hogwarts, which forces Harry to face the Weasley family and his past. Also, Ron has a daughter with Luna (but they aren't married) and Ginny married Neville and they have a son (i think they call him Algie?)
    Author: No idea
    Extra Notes: It's crazy that I can remember so much about the plot, even names but cannot remember the title. It's been driving me nuts and I've searched mnff for it, and i think it might have gotten taken down which makes me sad. So I'm hoping that someone can help me find it!


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    Bella - I know the story you mean. I'm fairly sure the author was called madjh, and I can't seem to find any of her stories now, so I assume it was taken down.

    I had a quick search on google though and found it on another archive (the story is called Another Time, Another Place, Another Life). I can PM you the link as we aren't allowed to post off-site links, if you'd like?


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    Hannah - That would be great!!!!! I really appreciate it. I hate the feeling of looking for something and basically being able to describe every little thing EXCEPT the title. haha


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    looking for a draco/ginny romance

    *crosses fingers* Here is hoping that someone has an idea what I'm talking about...
    it wasn't completed when I read it, only 3 or so chapters in, but I would like to read it again, even if it isn't finished...

    Title or What You Think the Title is: possibly something about remember
    Time Period: After trio graduates, many years after (16 ish)
    Category: Draco/Ginny Romance
    General Plot: Ginny wakes up after a accident and has no idea about anything in her life since her sixth year. However she has since fallen in love and married Draco, and had a son. She remembers non of this and it and goes to stay at the Burrow. Then she finds out from Draco that their son (Ben I think) who is 16ish has run away.
    Author: no idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by GinervaPotter213
    General Plot: I think it starts out with James and Lily, who have died. I think they're in some sort of meadow where the dead congregate and they are watching Harry's life. Eventually Sirius, Dumbledore and Lupin join them as they all hang together. The part that really sticks out is when it's time for the final battle, James, Lily, Sirius and Lupin leave to see Harry. When they get back, Lily's crying and saying that she's proud of Harry and she wishes she could have stayed with him.

    Ayra, I'm not sure if this is the one you are looking for, but it could be. If not, it has a similar premise and is a great read. It's by MagEd, and it's called How to Be Dead. (Great title, huh?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weasley Mom
    Ayra, I'm not sure if this is the one you are looking for, but it could be. If not, it has a similar premise and is a great read. It's by MagEd, and it's called How to Be Dead. (Great title, huh?)
    Unfortunately, that was not the one that I was looking for. Thank you though, I enjoyed it :]

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    Crim Harrowmont
    Title or What You Think the Title is: i think the word house was in it... not really sure
    Time Period: after book seven, but before book seven was made public
    Category: romance, Harry/Hermione shipping, i'm pretty sure it was Ron/Luna as well.
    General Plot: ok so it started of with Hermione having a flat and Harry apparating outside her door. and asking if he could come in. in short, Hermione is an auror and is malfoys partner, she has a TV in her flat, which mMalfoy knows where the remote is, since its usually hidden. harry is a good cook when he stays with her, Ron has a daughter who makes Hermione look dumb. pretty sure Ron owned a business. numerous chapters. some weird, i think harry took a shower in Hermione's flat. something like that
    Author: i don't know.

    really really would like to find this again

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