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Thread: Lost and Found V

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    Title: Something along the lines of "Hermione at the Burrow".
    Era: Errr... Don't remember. During the summer before some year...
    Category: Hermione/Ron romance, I think.
    General Plot: Well, it read it a long time ago but I do remember Hermione came to stay at the burrow, flirtingflirtingflirting, lovelovelove, Uh-oh there's death eaters! and then I think at one point Ron wanted to ask Hermione it marry him.
    Author: I have no idea.

    I read this story a long time ago, probably about three years ago. I don't know if it's been deleted or what, all I know is I was an avid reader before I got distracted and now I can't find it.

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    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me find this story. The pairing is Ron/Hermione. I think it was on In the story, Hermione's parents forced her to marry a Muggle, she had to give up magic, she wasn't allowed to read, she had a stepson named Aiden, her husband abused her, she escaped with Aiden's help, Ron recognized who she was and took and her in and finally, Ron and Viktor were best friends and played Quidditch together. That's all I remember about the story. I really enjoyed it, but can't seem to find it anywhere as I don't remember the title. Thanks for any help you can give me. I really appreciate it.

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    Title or What You Think the Title is: i think it was Order of the Phoenix
    Time Period: 5th year
    Category: ?
    General Plot: I remember it was only 5 chapters shorter than original OOTP, and that in the begining Harry found a snake while he was doing his garden...
    Author: ?

    Please help.

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    Help !

    Title or What You Think the Title is: No idea !
    Time Period: Marauder
    Category: Umm not sure , it was a James/Lily fic
    General Plot: James hated Lily and not the other way around, he ignored her until the 5th year ... yeah something along those lines. Sorry, but I can't remember anything else
    Author: No idea

    I'm not sure if I read it MNFF, but I thought there's no harm in trying.

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    Evira, I think I know the story you're looking for - The Diary by Secret. Unfortunately, I think it's been taken down, as it didn't come up when I searched for it and it wasn't on Secret's author page.


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    Title or What You Think the Title is: Hmmm - may have had joy in the title, definitely not sure

    Time Period: Marauders' erm Fifth or sixth year, think

    Category:Humor or General, timetravel ^^
    General Plot: see below
    Author: Something with a J or a K in it. I definitely associate Js and KS with this story, no idea why.

    Long ago, before HBP came out (after GoF , i think), i read this highly amusing fanfic set in the Marauders era, with James and Sirius etc. But, this fanfic had the particularity of having Harry in it too. Harry, after defeating Voldy, was offered if i remember right a gift by Dumbledore, who sent him back in time to pose as a teacher to teach DADA to his parents and the marauders. Harry's fake name was Professor Patterson. After several hours of trawling through ancient bookmarks, internet history and Google searching, i found that the character of Professor Patterson seems to have been used several times, by different authors, yet I can't find the original I was looking for.
    The particularities of it is that one of the very first scenes is entirely dedicated to Harry and Dumbledore talking, and sending Harry back in time; also, Fawkes goes back with harry, and James and Sirius try to trick their new professor at lunch or breakfast by throwing a firework at him, and are surprised when he deflects it using a Shield Charm (J + S were under the impression those charms could only block spells, not objects, must be an author's mistake).
    I found it at first on Schnoogle, but seem to remember it being more than 16 chapters long (I stopped reading at 16th) so it must have been posted elsewhere too. i've tried trawling through Schnoogles authorlinks, but there's just sooo many, plus their database seems to be down.
    Hope you guys and girls can help


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    nmilosev, your fic is Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent, by Barb. It was followed by books 6 and 7, Time of Good Intentions and the Triangle Prophecy.

    You can find with a quick google search, it has a yahoo group with all the original writings or on Schnoogle (but schnoogle's down atm).

    No luck with mine anyone?

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    thank you jadewolf, now I can read it again.....................

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    Title or What You Think the Title is Oh, God, I'm not sure
    Time Period I think it's in the middle of/after the final battle.
    Category Either D/A or Various Pairings
    General Plot There are two pairings; Hermione/I can't remember and Ginny/Regulus Black. Reg has kidnapped Ginny or saved her from the war (no idea anymore). Reg doesn't want her to know who he is, so he has her call him Malcolm/Mal. Other than that, I cannot remember anything.
    Author Ahhh I dunno!

    Thanks in advacne if anyone knows what this is.

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    Help - humorous story?

    Hello everybody,
    hope I can also get some help here...
    I'm looking for a fic that I've read some tie ago, I even have some parts of it saved to my PC, but now I can't find the whole story anywhere. Here's some details:

    Title or What You Think the Title is: I think it is "Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings"
    Category: humour
    General Plot: I cangive some quotes that I've found, hope it helps...
    Here's the beginning:

    "(Scene opens with the Nine Companions being transported to Hogwarts Hall, bewildered, sleepy and in their pyjamas)
    RON: Oh, what's going on - oh my God! Oh, I'm blind! Hermione, don't look! Malfoy's in his pyjamas!
    HERMIONE: Where? Where? Uh... I mean, how disgusting!

    DRACO: You're all mad. Where's Professor Snape? He's the only sane one here.
    GINNY: He's making a toga out of the curtains to hide his shame.
    DRACO: I take that back. I'm the only sane one here...

    DRACO: Heroic quests aren't really my thing. I'm too intelligent. Like in the first Harry Potter book, where I've been branded as a coward for running off when I saw Lord Voldemort. I mean, what was I supposed to do? Fall down and soil myself like Potter here? Or stand there in my magnificent 11 year old glory and say 'Well fancy that. The Dark Lord drinking blood. Isn't that curious?' What the hell would you do?
    LUPIN: I'd rip out his jugular. Uh, but we digress, Mal- golas. Listen, if you go, you get this really cool crossbow.
    DRACO: Fair deal.
    LUPIN: And you get a sword, Snap - omir.
    SNAPE: Wicked. So, this quest. Does anybody die?

    Well, you get the idea. Harry Potter characters get Lord of the Rings roles and the whole storyline is somehow mixed, with HP chars in the LotR script
    It really is very fun, I suppose you have read it and if you have not - I would recommend it. Can anybody help me with finding this whole fic? Thanks a million times!!!

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