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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - A Thousand Words: Love Found - Results

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    Name: Mistletoe
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Secrecy
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 500
    Authors Notes: I used the key, love note, empty chair, and corn :]
    He walks by you, and you do everything to train your gaze away from him: the two girls flanking you would notice. You feel a hot burning creep up in your cheeks and you know they will notice—all they do is look to you for everything: how you walk, talk, act. Everything. They were simply carbon copies of you because, for some strange reason, they find that you would be the best to follow, they feel you are one with power. The only thing you can figure was they are drawn to your name: Black.

    “You’re blushing. Who’s it about?” Nadia probes as you sit at the Slytherin table for lunch. “Surely not the Mudblood that just passed us.”

    “Didn’t even notice him,” you defend, noting that your voice wavers on the last syllable. “Just thinking about the letter Marius sent me.”

    “Is that another coming now?” Nadia points to the ceiling as she notices your snowy owl gliding towards you.

    You shrug, the epitome of nonchalance. “Probably, he can hardly keep his mind off me.”

    Grasping the envelope, you pause a moment before sliding your finger below the sealed message, listening to make sure Nadia and Genevieve are eating the roasted corn that lay before them. Satisfied, you open the note, holding it close to your heart to hide the contents.

    Meet me in the Astronomy tower. It’s too much to bear anymore. This key will lead you to me.

    Yours forever,

    Your heart flutters, if only briefly as the antique key drops heavily into your sweating palm.

    “I forgot my Potions book. I’ll be right back.”

    Not waiting for their protests or looks of abandon as you walk away, you hurry from the loud hall, only one thing on your mind: the Mudblood you so noncommittally assured them you weren’t blushing about. You grasp the key harder and harder, its intricate design engraving into your hand as you climb to the top of the castle.

    The cold morning air shocks you as you open the door to the Astronomy tower. Your eyes search wildly around, watering with dryness.

    Across the roof is a gate-like door, wrought iron and as intricately woven as the key. They must match, they have to match. Slipping the key easily into the keyhole, you turn it and let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding.

    Heart pounding in your chest, you push the door open, fully expecting to see the jolly smile of the boy you were so secretly smitten with. Instead an empty chair receives you, and your heart thuds to a stop. Was this a trick? Was he not coming?

    Your head whips around in search of anything: a note, a sign. At last, your eyes catch a glimpse of the messy straw-colored hair of Ted Tonks walking towards you. Almost instantly, your heart starts up again, flooding your cheeks with blood. All rational thought escapes you; all you need is he.

    “Ted,” you whisper.

    “Hello, love.”

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    Name: mahogany_wand
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Title: A Love For Draco
    Warnings: None!
    Word Count: Exactly 500 *phew!*
    Authors Notes: I used the love note, mum's note, bread pudding, and empty chair. This is from Draco's POV, and really, I'm quite proud of it!

    I had always enjoyed my job as a healer at Saint Mungos. I had always found something positively wonderful, especially when my patients and their families thanked me. They were so grateful, and it was all I could do to make them well. I was never really greatful for them, though. Until I met Stella.

    I had just passed by the room with the mother who was talking to her extremely wide stomach, saying, “Dear twins, GET. OUT. Love, your mother.” I chuckled. I vowed then and there to never make my love bear twins. My love. Ha. So far, I had never found the right girl. The only ones that seemed to be remotely interested in me were either shallow, extremely young, or in some cases, both.

    I walked past the soon-to-be mother of twins and straight to the coffee shop on the fifth floor. There, sitting at my favorite table, was a pale, but otherwise ordinary woman, reading a book while eating a bread-raisin dish. She saw me staring at her and upturned her palms as if to say, “What?”

    “Hullo,” I was able to force out.

    “Do you want to, um, sit down?” the woman had a low, slightly husky voice.

    What was happening to me? I had never felt this drawn to someone. I tried to shake myself out of it. How do you even know she’s pureblood? I asked myself. “I’m just going to go and get some coffee,” I heard myself say. I walked, as if in a trance, to stand in line with the family members of patients and other healers. My thoughts, however, came in a rush, making me feel almost dizzy. Could this be love? Never having been a believer in love at first sight, I tried to reason what was coming over me. Maybe I had caught something from one of my patients. Yeah, that was it.

    “Sir? Um, sir, may I take your order?”

    I rushed back to reality.

    “Oh, er, yes, I’ll have a tall chocolate cappuccino,” I said blankly, ordering the same as I did every day. “Please,” I added as an afterthought, trying to be polite.

    “That’ll be two sickles,” the teenager at the counter drawled.

    I paid and snatched my Styrofoam cup. I hesitated a moment before finally joining the woman at the table, occupying the grey armchair.

    She closed her book, using a page full of blue scribbles as a bookmark. “Old love note,” she explained, seeing my expression. “Only good for a bookmark. So, Healer, what’s your name?”

    I hesitated a second before mumbling, “My name is Draco Malfoy.”

    She looked surprised for a second, before responding, “I am Stella Hessler. I’m here for a checkup—I’m one month pregnant.”

    Her words hit me like hail-- icy and painful. “Congratulations. To you and the father.”

    Stella grimaced before answering. “What father? He left me, just like that. Baby and I are all alone.”

    Smiling slightly, I told her, “I’d be willing to change that.”

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    Name: Lexy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Key To My Heart
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 500
    Authors Notes: I used the Love Letter, Love Mum, Key and Empty Chair

    “Andromeda love, aren’t you going to open your presents?”

    “Meda you baby, stop moping around and cheer up.”

    “Andromeda sweet, could you change into something more elegant? The guests are coming soon, and we want a good impression.”

    “Andromeda, have you thought about getting married yet? After all, your father and I can’t look after you forever.”


    How on earth can I cheer up after throwing away all my dreams like that?

    Why should I bother with presents when the only thing I want, is the only thing you won’t allow me to have?

    Impressions don’t matter to me anymore. I don’t see how my entire world can end, but I still have to make a decent impact.

    Marriage? Oh mother, if only you knew…


    “Of course, Mother. I do love my new robes.”

    “Whatever do you mean, Bella? I could never be upset on Christmas!”

    “Right away, Mother. The robes you brought me today would work.”

    “Marriage? Well, only time shall tell…”


    The other side of the room my parents were smiling at my choice of partner.

    But for once I didn’t care. Pleasing my parent’s just didn’t mean anything anymore. I could remember a time; only a few days ago, when their smiles of satisfaction would make my heart leap with joy.

    The only reason they still heaped so much time and money was to get me married. Thanks mum. You went through all the pain of having me, just to try you best to get me out.

    Now it didn’t so much as twitch.

    “Excuse me.” I muttered, removing myself from the arms of the stranger.

    He looked a little put off as I walked away, but once again, I just couldn’t find it in myself to care.

    I carried myself out of the Ballroom, and onto a balcony that overlooked our gardens below.

    Merry Christmas, Meda. I want you to take this, and then you will never forget me. Whenever you begin to feel lonely, just remember, around your neck you are carrying the key to my heart.

    I could still feel the rough edges of the letter up my sleeve. I would not let it go. It was, after all, the first love letter I had ever received, all the way back in fifth year.

    I could see him, in my minds eye at home with his family, enjoying Christmas. Without me.

    I wonder if that chair I used to occupy is still empty? Has he already found someone else to fill it?

    “Merry Christmas, Meda.”

    A familiar voice startled me out of my dream. I looked down, and almost screamed at the figure I saw standing in the gardens.

    “What are you doing there?”

    He shrugged, “Magic, I guess. Will you run away with me now?

    I clasped my hand to my mouth, and attempted to stifle the flow of tears, which slowly worked their way down my face.

    Why did I ever say no in the first place?

    “Oh, Ted…”

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    Name: eternalangel
    Title: A Letter for Teddy
    Warnings: Character death mentioned, D/A
    Word Count:496
    Authors Notes: I used the letter, the love mum picture, the chair (though it isn't empty) and the ornate key. I also took a slightly different look at love found. I hope that is alright.

    Theodore Lupin sat anxiously on the edge of the bank’s plush chair, his knees jiggling in anticipation. By his side, his grandmother Andromeda waited, equally as nervous, though she never showed it. They were not used to having to come to a Muggle bank and why Nymphadora Tonks would have kept a deposit box in one was beyond the both of them.

    Teddy felt his anxiety rise as he saw one of the bank employees stride towards them.

    “Mrs. Tonks, Mr. Lupin, we’re ready to take you to the deposit box now!”

    They both stood quickly, Andromeda more gracefully than her teenage grandson.

    “Lead us to it,” she stated quietly.

    Without further ado, the bank employee led them through a small door that led to the back of the bank. They followed, though a little hesitantly. Teddy couldn’t wait to see what his parents had left him, and yet his heart strummed in anxiety. They finally arrived to a small alcove of boxes in a wall.

    “Mrs. Lupin wanted one of our more secure and private of boxes. She said only her immediate family would be able to gain access to it.”

    The bank employee pulled out a small key, unlocked the small door and pulled out a rectangular gray box. He handed to Teddy, who carefully accepted. A part of his mother and father were inside this one tiny box. Theodore Lupin blinked away the salty tears that had threatened to fall from his eyes.

    The bank employee seeing that the family wanted to be alone with the box, led them to a private, curtained off booth nearby and left.

    Teddy quickly sat down, gripping what was left of his parents tightly in his hands. He was excited and frightened by what could be inside.

    “Open it, Theodore,” Andromeda said, her voice wavering.

    Teddy’s nervous hands gripped the lid and slowly opened it. There wasn’t much inside, just an envelope and an old, ornate key. Not sure what to do with the key, he reached for the envelope.

    It was thick, thicker than any normal envelope. On the outside of it, it said “DO NOT OPEN IN FRONT OF MUGGLE EYES”.

    Teddy looked around him and then slowly opened the envelope. Inside was a letter, but when he pulled it out, a picture fell out and fluttered to his lap. Teddy picked it up and turned it over. He chuckled despite himself.

    There was his mother rubbing her large, over extended stomach and next to her was his father taping a note to her belly and laughing.

    Theodore smiled unexpectantly. He set the picture down and picked up the letter.

    It said:

    Dear Son,

    If you are reading this, then we’re dead. Know that we will always love you. The key inside this box leads to a small vault in Gringotts that we set aside for you. Stay safe, son.

    Mum and Dad.

    Teddy held the letter close and silently let his tears fall.

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    Name: inspirations
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Realisation
    Warnings: Angsty? Maybe...
    Word Count: 449
    Authors Notes: I used the corn, chair, key and love letter. I can't decide what I think of this. Hm.

    Staring into the deep recesses of my flickering fire, I felt my eyes welling up. A few tears brimmed, scaling the edge of them, and spilled down my cheeks. My breathing began to get slightly erratic.

    Before my glazed vision, his image flashed. I sighed, blinking. I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want to remember the crushing realisation.

    Remus Lupin.


    I was in love with a werewolf.

    Gulping, I picked up the last piece of my evening snack (roasted corn) and stood up.

    I stomped out of my flat loudly; for some unfathomable reason I wanted to upset my new Muggle neighbours. I wanted a conflict. I wanted something to distract me. Slamming the door loudly behind me, I turned the worn, old key in the lock, listening with satisfaction as it clicked shut.

    Then I broke into a sprint. I didn’t know why I didn’t just Disapparate; it would’ve made more sense. But my mind was a twist of muddled thoughts, and I couldn’t stop to think properly.

    For ages, I ran. I ran in the dark, cold streets. A stitch stretched across my side, and eventually I crumpled against a lamppost, allowing my aching body to rest.

    But my being ached for him.

    Remus Lupin.


    I was in love with a werewolf.

    But he didn’t even register me.

    Another wave of tears. And a scream. A scream so loud that my anguish frightened every bird in the vicinity. I heard them flap away, squawking. From a house nearby, someone shouted, ‘BE QUIET!’ I obeyed.

    When I got home, I pulled some parchment towards me, a quill, and some ink.

    Dear Remus, I know this is…

    I wrote the shameful letter, and signed it with a flourish. Then I screwed it up and chucked it at the smouldering fire, using as much strength as I could muster.


    And he was beside me, just as the lost parchment turned to ashes.

    I almost choked. ‘What are you doing here?’ I asked.

    He looked at me closely. ‘You’ve been crying.’


    Concern settled into the lines of his face. ‘Why?’

    I negotiated feeding him a lie and shielding him from reality; instead, I settled for the truth.

    ‘I realised something, Remus.’

    His curiosity aroused, a shot of electricity vibrated through me as he pulled me into a hug.

    Sobbing onto his shoulder suddenly, I mumbled, ‘I love you, Remus.’

    He pulled away from me, and visibly crumpled. ‘I can’t give you that, Tonks!’ he cried. ‘You know that!’

    ‘Do you love me?’ I whispered, holding his sad gaze.

    He sat down in the chair I vacated earlier; he seemed shocked. But he answered.


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    Name: lily_evans34
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Title: Broken Promises for Broken Hearts
    Warnings: None.
    Word Count: 500. It says 501, but that's with the asterisk. >.>
    Authors Notes: I used, in passing, the love note, the empty chair, love mum, and the key. Also, I kindly borrowed the title to this drabble from a She Wants Revenge song of the same name.

    He had never meant to fall in love with Ginny Weasley. He had never meant to look at her, or to fall under the spell of her smile – the one that reached her eyes and always managed to convey the suspicion that she knew exactly what you were thinking – or to slip her that note during lunch, asking her to meet him later that night.

    He didn’t think it would last so long. That years later, she wouldn’t leave his thoughts for a second. When she left him for that Potter, the way she always said she would, he had meant to let her go. He would be free of her. The way he always knew it would turn out.

    Free, Blaise Zabini had discovered, was not nearly enough.

    He remembered every detail perfectly. They would meet under the cover of night – a relationship formed out of mutual loneliness, physical companionship. Sometimes he wondered if that was all they had in common, or if there was more that they were too afraid to find out, but at the time, neither of them had needed anything else.


    If he hadn’t written down the exact address; hadn’t double, triple checked it out of the incredulity of finding her at last, he would have doubted that she would live somewhere like that. The house was simultaneously modern and conventional, something that didn’t stand out along the street. It wasn’t until he had come close enough to the window that he noticed the figure standing inside.

    He didn’t know what he had expected, but seeing her certainly wasn’t it. There was something tired about the way she held herself, her gaze focused on something across the room he couldn’t see. He took a step closer, and her features came into focus. Her hair was as vivid as ever, but there were noticeable changes – there were bags under her eyes and her skin was paler than usual. She was obviously very pregnant, and she stroked her stomach almost half-heartedly, a pained expression creasing her visage momentarily.

    Her gaze flickered outside and met his for a fraction of a second before she stood and walked away.

    He couldn’t tell if she had recognised him or not, and, if she had, he had no way of knowing if it had mattered either way.

    Running a hand quickly through his hair, he wondered how he ever thought this would solve anything. How seeing her in her new life would ever mean finding out whom she had become. If she was still the same girl who always needed something more.

    He closed his eyes, remembering how, a lifetime ago, he had given her the old key to his flat, how he had let her in, only to discover that Potter had returned to her – her hero, her saviour. Everything he wasn’t.

    I’ll come back to you, Blaise.

    He looked up, hoping to see another glimpse of her, but the only thing there was her empty chair. A broken promise.

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    First, I also wondering why so many entries used a character named Stella until I went and looked at the pictures again and realized the ‘love letter’ is addressed to a Stella. XD

    -hugs drabblers.

    Ok, well, I had a really hard time picking winners this week. It seems everyone was inspired by tragic love. However, the following definitely stood out for various reasons such using the prompt with a fresh twist [ie: redefining love], using characters that stayed in character throughout, and having some very powerful writing.

    First Place:
    Angels in Misery by leahsm2
    There was several powerful drabbles submitted to this challenge, and I am not lying when I say that it was very hard picking a first place winner. However, Leah’s drabble not only shows improvement of her writing over the past couple of weeks, but it is rather whimsically sad while providing some hope and a bleak view of love that isn’t always permanent or happy.

    Second Place:
    The Key by Merlynne
    What stood out the most from this drabble was that while it appears that it could be a ‘love letter’ – Merlynne redefined ‘love’ to that between friends using the love letter picture as the starting point and integrating the other pictures into it. It was well written, and poignant.

    Third Place: - Tie
    Newlyweds by MorganRay & Broken Promises for Broken Hearts by lily_evans34
    I was particularly drawn to MorganRay’s drabble because it is so well written, and shows us that newly found love is sometimes frail but strong. Rachel’s drabble is quite possibly the anti-thesis of Morgan’s drabble which shows us that new found love can be quite frail yet long-lasting. Lovely.

    Honorauble Mentions:
    Key To My Heart by Lexxyy
    Outcasts Attract by x_GinnyPotter_x
    Stella by youaremylifenow

    Make sure to congratulate the winners!
    ~Ebil One

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