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Thread: Hogwarts's Tuition

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    Hogwarts's Tuition

    Do students that attend Hogwarts have to pay a tuition cost? Meaning do they just have pay for supplies, or do they have to pay to attend?

    Tom Riddle just needed help paying for his supplies.

    However, Vernon Dursley claimed, "I will not pay for some crackpot old fool to teach him magic tricks!"

    Is there a tuition fee? Or do they only have to pay for materials?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi, I think they'd only pay for what they need -- not to go to the school as else I think not half as many kids would be able to attend. Here's a more indepth discussion about this matter that we had a few weeks ago:


    Hope I helped!

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    Actally, there have been a couple discussions on this subjects. Here they are:

    Do you pay to go to Hogwarts?

    Do you have to pay to go to Hogwarts?

    It was discuss pretty throughly, so you should be able to find the answer you are looking for.

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    Oops, it looks like I didn't really look into this one. Thank you for the links!

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