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Hi, I was wondering, what would you call your grandparents? For instance, I call them Grandma and Grandad, but my cousins all call my Grandma Nana. In a few books, I've read of the grandfather being called 'Pop', but I'm not sure how true that is. The family is in Florida, by the way.

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The answers she received were:

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"Pop" is usually used for your father, not your grandfather. But some people call their grandfather "Grandpop."

It's somewhat regional. Grandma/Grandpa is most common, but Gramma/Grampa is used in some areas (that's really a variant pronunciation rather than a different word, though). Grandfather/Grandmother would be very formal as a way to address your own grandparents. "Gramps" for Grandfather is also sometimes used, though it's very informal/diminutive, and only used if you can get away with being that affectionate (or disrespectful).

I know some Southerners, but not all, use "Nana" for grandmother. I don't know how common that is.

One thing you won't hear in the U.S. is "Grandmum." But sometimes "Grandmom."
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But also, just like Nana is a less common used word, you might also hear Papi for their grandfather.

And if it helps, Gramma and Grampa is considered somewhat of a Midwestern or rural variant of Grandma and Grandpa. Some families even invent their own words for their grandparents.
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Personally, I call my grandparents "Grandma" and "Grandpa". I have heard of grandmothers being called Nana, so that's pretty common too. "Pop" was used back in the 18-1900s, although people still use it in the deep south. Not us northerners, though.

A lot of children make up names for their grandparents, too.

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