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Thread: Creatures Around Hogwarts

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    Creatures Around Hogwarts

    I'm working on a story where all the creatures, and I mean all of them, flee the wilderness and run into Hogwarts castle. The only thing I need to figure out all the different kinds of creatures that live around Hogwarts. I know there are centaurs and unicorns, but what else? I would like to get a fairly long list of animals.

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    Ah... this must be for Arcane ScoRa, I presume?

    I digress. Let's start with the basics. Remember, there are more than just magical creatures in the Forbidden Forest. There would also be things like deer, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, rats, owls, lots of birds, and such. In addition to your vertebrates, you'll also have a lot of bugs and all manners of creepy crawlies.

    But to move on to magical creatures, there's also Acromantulas, Bowtruckles, Krupps, Nifflers, Hippogriffs, Flobberworms, Threstrals, Pixies, Fairies, and probably a whole lot more that I'm forgetting. Plus, if you want to include ALL of the creatures in the Hogwarts vicinity, then you can't forget the things that live in the lake. I suppose the Giant Squid and the Grindylows would beach themselves and try to flop their way into the castle! That would be interesting!

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    Hmm, I wonder; do you think the mundane creatures would be more afraid of the magical creatures than they would be of any other preditor? Do think they would keep apart from one another, or would they inter-mingle?

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    I don't think that muggle creatures like beavers and badgers would inter-mingle with magical creatures, such as Crupps and such. They would most likely stay away from them or not take much notice to them at all. Seeing other creatures in nature don't really mingle that much, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary. But when they do interact, both species would stay away from each other, I'm guessing, though not because of magical differences.

    That being said, I don't think that wizards compleatly ignore muggle creatures, they just pay more attention to the magical ones, and seeing Hogwarts in a magical school, maybe more magical creatures would be drawn there than none-magical ones. But its kind of funny how the Hogwarts House leaders got their mascots from muggle creatures. This just proves that magical people do pay attention to non-magical animals, but only somewhat.

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    I don't think that muggle creatures like beavers and badgers would inter-mingle with magical creatures, such as Crupps and such.
    I agree. I think it's sort of like when in those paranormal stories you read, the animals start to go crazy, a sure sign there's a ghost or something.

    Given this, I don't think that say, Arnold, Ginny's pygmy puff, and Pigwidion are great pals. But I don't think they would avoid each other completely. I'm going to draw the analogy of cats and dogs on this one.


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    Maybe that might be true if the mundane creatures weren't used to seeing magical creatures, but these animals all live in the same forest and share the same habitat. I'm not sure if one group stays to one side and one to the other like in West Side Story.

    Do you think this makes a difference?

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    They share ecologies -- I'm sure they have predator-prey relationships and the like.

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    Yes, but what I'm talking about would be an inherit fear between one another, even if they were both herbivors (like squirrels being afraid of unicorns). What was being hinted at before was sort of like how in movies, the cat or the dog or whatever is the first to sense the monsters, and is always hostile towards it.

    Do you think the mudane creatures of the forest would have that type of relationship with the magical creatures or no?

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    Animals traditionally fear "supernatural" beings, likes ghosts. I don't think magical creatures are supernatural per se. Mundane animals might avoid something magical that they don't recognize, since animals tend to assume that "unknown" = "dangerous," but I don't really think a fox, for example, would be afraid of a gnome or a kneazle (and would probably regard both as lunch).

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