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Thread: Change Featured Stories

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    Change Featured Stories

    Since it's a new year, could someone please put some new stories in the 'Featured' box on the archives? I used to look at these, but don't any longer since the current ones have been there three months! I get the impression the mods have forgotten this box exists, but when a new visitor comes to the site it is one of the first things they start clicking around on.

    The page would look more active if these were changed weekly or biweekly, and it would let us all discover some lost gems that don't show up any longer on the 'Most Recent' page. It shouldn't be a big chore to take turns and have a different mod each week or two post a favorite one-shot, favorite chaptered, and favorite dark/angsty or romance. How about it?

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    We are currently in the process of adding new stories to our list of featured stories and changing them around.

    You should see the change hopefully in a few weeks or so, just bear with us.


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    With our full moderating team now in action, the featured stories will be changed every three weeks.

    This suggestion is now complete.

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