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    *squees like a little piggy*

    YAY! Those reviews were awesome. Thanks so much. =D


    Besides Marauder-Era fics, do you have any other favorite categories to write?

    Mmm, favorites, probably not. I usually stay in my little cave. I do like writing other things but nothing has really ever sparked my interest as much as Marauder Era. I really like Next Generation though. I wrote one piece of that for the summer swap. =)

    Who is your favorite character to write, and why is it your favorite, and what made you first decide to write that character?

    First off, I really like OCs. I think Sheelin is my favorite. But, anyway, it would be a tie between Remus, Sirius, Regulus and James. I have a lot of trouble narrowing it down. I like Lily too but if you'll take notice, a lot of my fics are Remus centric. I wouldn't necessarily say he's my favorite of all those I've listed though. I like them all for different reasons. There just seems to be so much more to each of them. James can be complex but, in his youth, I don't think his matched the complexities of Regulus, Sirius or Remus. I can't pinpoint why I started to write them. Ever since PoA and OoTP I was hooked on the Marauders. I wanted to know everything about them and writing them became a way to really explore just what I wanted to know. Examples: Contemplation of the Wolfish Mind and Sometimes Sorry Isn't Enough.

    Based off of Kelly's question of what character you cannot write... what was the hardest character you have ever written before? Why, do you feel, it was the hardest for you to write?

    I'd have to say Snape. Every time I wrote him I just couldn't completely grasp his character. It was just an unnatural thing for me to write. I think it was hard for me because I'm extremely anti-Snape.

    Do you work better with a prompt, or if you have to come up with your own sort of prompt to write?

    Mmm, both. Some of my stories are ideas I've already had and then a prompt comes along and it's a lovely way to incorporate it. I think prompts make some of it easier but in the end, it's the author's work.


    I've all ready asked this in the review... but how did you end up naming your OC 'Sheelin', and why?

    I don't know if the name is even accurate but I picked it because when I'm thinking of OCs, I really like names with meaning behind them. And I especially love Irish names. =D But, then again, I don't live in Ireland and don't know if it's entirely valid. Anyway, the site that I was looking at for names said that Sheelin meant "lake or lake of the fairies." Just another small way to allude to Pandora's Box. =)

    I've noticed, as the others have too, that most of your fics are from Marauder era. But. There's also one poetry and it's from Narcissa's POV. How was your experience of writing it? Did it all just flow out or did you have to work a bit on it?

    I was listening to a song about the moon and suddenly I was just completely struck with the idea and I knew I had to write it. I wish I could say I struggled for hours on end but it flowed quite easily for me. That was my first poem. Ever. >.> I hope it's not too horrid. I was in a pretty emotional state when I wrote it so some of it was how I was feeling.


    Favourite story you've written?

    *ponders* It's a tie between three of them... hm, a prime example of how indecisive I am. OH WAIT! Four. Are You Left To Start Again? (which isn't on MNFF), SSIE, PB, and COTWM.

    Ever tried your hand at OF? Your experience?

    Oh my. A few times. So far, I haven't really ended up with anything I like. Then again, I really am my own worst critic. I'm sure Nikki can't count the times I've said my work sucked when I ask her to beta. >.<

    What attracted you to the HP universe of all the other fandoms?

    Well, before I joined I had never heard of this preposterous thing called 'fan fiction.' Wait, actually, I was reading it for about three or four months before I joined the forums and the site. Anyway, I was just on the main MN, which I haven't looked at in probably five months, and I saw the fan fiction thing and started reading. Simple.

    How do you write? Paper? Computer? Music? Food/drink? Time of day? Etc?

    Computer, simply for convenience. When I just want to write, I'll do it on paper in a notebook. Somehow, staring at a blank computer screen can be motivating. >.> It really depends on how I'm feeling as far as music goes. I know when it will help and when it won't. When I wrote Sometimes Sorry Isn't Enough, I listened to the same song over and over until it was all written. When I wrote Pandora's Box, I sat in complete silence. I write the most at night because that's when things settle down and I am truly alone. If I want to write during the day, I go downstairs and sit at this massive desk. I can't eat a full course meal and write. I like sipping on things though. Mostly hot chocolate, coffee and the occasional tea if we have the kind I like. (God knows what it is, I simply refer to it as 'the kind I like.' XD)


    I like your poem, Eclipse. Have you written any other poetry, or do you have any plans to do so?

    Thank you! *hugs* That was the first piece of poetry I ever wrote. I don't have any other works of poetry up. Maybe I'll write some again. I don't have any ideas in that area at the moment though.

    You said you're interested in Greek mythology - has this influenced any of your other fics apart from Pandora's Box? Do you have any other plot bunnies inspired by myths?

    None of my other fics have been so heavily influenced by Greek mythology. I don't want to always do the same thing. I'm sure there's something else though. I might have just had a bunny plop into my head. =D *giggles*

    The opposite of Mere's question: least favourite thing you've written? ^_^

    *dies* So, this one will never see the light of day if I have anything to say about it but it's called Words Unspoken. *gags* Possibly the worst thing I've ever written. I believe it was my first ever attempt at J/L. And it was absolutely horrid. I was a lot younger and I had no idea how cliche (ah! no accent) it was. Really, it was so horrendous. I can't even remember how I thought it was good. o.0

    Thanks for the questions, dears. =D



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    And here is my review, from me to you. Hey, I rhymed! lol.


    When did you start writing?

    What, do you suppose, if your biggest muse? (I think I know, but I thought I would ask in case you surprise me ...)

    Favorite thing about fanfiction in general? Least favorite?

    Which of all the character you have created do you think is your favorite? Which came the easiest, and which took some work?

    [hugs] ily kid. <3

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    My review for Pandora's Box.


    Where did you get the inspiratation for this story?

    Where did you come up with the name Sheelin, which I adore?

    And lastly, how do you so pawn at description of creepy things (the bugs)?



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    Review for 'Pandora's Box'

    -huff- I suppose I'll learn my lesson next time to question the featured author earlier so that the others don't ask the questions that *I* wanted to ask. (Sheelin's name, etc.)

    So I only have one question left to ask you. How did you come up with the AU elements that you incorporated into this fic that you were awesome in writing for me? Particularly that Sirius and Regulus seemed to be working together on Order business. (I forgot to mention in my review that that was my other favorite aspect of the story.)

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    Title: A Pawn and Nothing More
    Challenge: Style - First person; Character - Daphne Greengrass
    Why It Is Challenge For Me: Writing in first person is difficult for me because I feel like I can't express myself as well. I also am cautious about writing characters that I've no clue about.
    Word Count: 459

    I slowly gathered my dressing robes and threw them on the bedside. I began tracing patterns in the fluid silk. I liked the way it brushed against my fingers, screaming elegance. The importance of wearing them thrilled me. It wouldn't be heady or arrogant to say they empowered me. A childish grin formed on my lips. I delighted in this all too much. But why shouldn't I?

    It was in my mind that if I was to be subjected to men, all vying for my sister's attention, that I should take from it as much as I could. It did not matter what they thought for I knew that I would never marry them. A few dances, subtle flirting... it never amounted to anything. It had become my game and I never lost. Tonight would be no different. I took joy in spiting my mother.

    None of it mattered anyway. For I had, hopefully, acquired what I most wanted in this life, most desired. My sneaking around had gone entirely unnoticed. Perhaps I simply was stealth enough but the real reason always managed to edge into my mind.

    A few, swift knocks hammered against my door, rudely interrupting my thoughts.

    “Are you decent, Daphne?”

    “No,” I replied automatically, knowing full well that my appearance was just fine.

    I was met with an exasperated sigh. “I suppose it doesn't matter. Do whatever you like. I don't want you spoiling tonight for your sister.”

    “Of course not,” I muttered, rolling my eyes. Because, as I was saying, no one would notice. Not one soul would approach any member of my family and ask where I was. It was only through destroying the hopes of young men that were not good enough for my sister that I could gain any happiness in this house.

    I glanced up in annoyance as I heard a lighter knock. I approached the door in an amble and opened it, but there was no familiar face there to greet me.

    However, the tapping had not stopped. Perturbed, I shut my door and looked around. The window!

    I raced to it, flinging it open with all my might. A beautiful tawny owl hooted and flew in, escaping the rain and blusterous wind. It dropped a letter sealed with a light blue crest on my floor and immediately exited the way it had entered.

    Hands shaking, I picked it up.

    Miss Greengrass,

    We are pleased to announce your induction into the Healing program here at St. Mungo's. Please arrive promptly on the 31st at no later than 1 P.M.

    Again, congratulations...

    I smiled triumphantly and left the room in a hurry.

    After all, the game was about to begin and it would be quite unfortunate if I were late.

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